Friday, June 9, 2023
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ChatGPT's iOS app integrates Siri and Shortcuts

After only a few weeks on Apple's App Store, OpenAI's ChatGPT app for IOS is getting some neat new features, including deeper integration...


Legendary NBC Network Exec Thomas W. Sarnoff Dies at 96

As the youngest son of RCA/NBC media mogul David Sarnoff, Thomas Sarnoff, who spent six years at NBC( Thomas W. Sarnoff) passed away....

'Transition' review: Convincing portrait of trans man living with the Taliban, but lacking context

In the opening moments of Transition, Jordan Bryon, the documentary's protagonist and co-director, turns his face to the camera. He leans in and...

Card battles! Vanguard firstDress short comic

July issue of Bushiroad magazine published Naoyuki Kageyama and on Thursday Final ChapterAkira Itō's short manga titled firstDress. Kageyama draws...

How 'Andor' broke Star Wars rules and reshaped sci-fi TV

Star Wars may be a wild sci-fi fantasy galaxy of aliens, pirates and space wizards, but it actually has a lot of...

“Reacher” Stars Alan Ritchson and Adam Shankman Team Up for Amazon's “The Man with the Bag”

Christmas has come early for Alan Ritchson. Reacher's star will be in The Man with the Bag, a holiday...

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NEW YORK - The city was on an "air quality alert" until midnight, but Yankee Stadium is in good enough shape for a...
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