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1 person from each team deserves an All-Star vote

1 person per team deserves an All-Star vote

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about the voting format, including two stages of fan voting To decide the All-Star starters.

All-Star ballots are out! One of the best things about the MLB All-Star Game is that every team, no matter how their season is going, has at least one representative.

They may not be the starters. If they’re surrounded by stars on their team, they probably won’t make the team. The team they are on may have had a rough season. But they can still represent their team, their city and their fans. There’s something special about this. You will always see your team’s logo there.

But when

Which guy is on? Today we take a look at the most worthy All-Star votes on each team. Because everyone gets someone.

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American Eastern Conference

Blue Jays: Bo Bichette, SS

Vlad Jr. is a big shot, Matt Chapman has some early MVP buzz, even Kevin Kiermaier (who never made the All-Star game , by the way) kept opening his eyes. But Bichette is by far the best hitter on this team and the best overall player. He’s leading the AL in field goal percentage for the third straight year.

Orioles: Adley Rutschman, C

Finally, the Orioles have Many, many candidates. Their fans must have been waiting a long time to say that. But Rutschman is at the center of everything on this team, a guy Orioles fans have been waiting to see for years, and he doesn’t disappoint.

Radiance: Wander Franco, SS

Rays have no shortage of candidates per se, but Franco — last year was a disappointment But nope — already on the MVP list. We’ve been waiting for the next (maybe first?) Tampa Bay superstar. We found him.

Red Sox: Masataka Yoshida, OF

Remember when we were worried about Yoshida in the first week of the season? He now looks like he might be the best free-agent signing of the entire offseason.

Yankees: Aaron Judge, OF

Do you know what is scary? Some of his peripheral numbers this year are better than last year.


Guardian: José Ramírez, 3B

Ramirez’s stats this season – we’ve already Decided, he really needs a nickname; if Ramirez had one, we’d all be talking about Ramirez differently, or at least a little more — than his career average. He’s still a terrific player, and by far the best position player on this team.

Royals: Salvador Perez, C

Perez is not only 30 The last real link between the Championship Royals and the Today…he’s still the best hitter on the team. Eventually Bobby Witt Jr. might take that spot. But not yet.

Tigers: Akil Baddoo, OF

this would have been the perfect place Riley Green — or, if the AL roster needs a pitcher, Eduardo Rodriguez — but they’re both injured now. Baddoo will be a very interesting player to cheer on in the All-Star Game.

Twins: Byron Buxton, DH

Buxton played ahead of the Twins but just entered the injured list on Tuesday. Hope it wins won’t be around long because he deserves your All Star vote.

White Sox: Louis Robert Jr., OF

Robert has been plagued by injuries for so long that we forget he still only04. That’s what happened when he wasn’t injured.

Western Union

Angel: Mike Trout, OF

Obviously, you can’t go wrong with Trout or Shohei Ohtani. But Ohtani is a pitcher or a hitter. And Trout might try to be the first to win


All-Stars Player MVP.

Astros: Jordan Alvarez, OF

See It’s a bit of a surprise that he’s on the list as an outfielder, but his bat is hard to ignore. Will he be one of the best hitters in the majors over the next decade? At least?

Athletics: Brent Rooker, DH

It might be fun to watch Esteury Ruiz go on a rampage at the All-Star Game, Rooker Possibly the greatest story in the game, mind you, he


still pressing the ball .

Mariners: Julio Rodríguez, OF

How can you


him be in the starting lineup at home?

Rangers: Marcus Semien, 2B

he Forever one of the most underrated players in baseball, and he’s the No. 1 best player on the team.

League of Nations East

Warriors: Ronald Acuña Jr., OF

He’s basically playing the jungler now in the NL MVP race — for a team that’s holding a healthy lead in the NL East standings. Seeing him fully healthy in one of the best displays in the game will be a gift.

Marlin: Luis Arraez, 2B

used to be happy to hear what the announcer is talking about possibility. Batter? Don’t you miss when we used to talk about that all the time?

Mets: Pete Alonso, 1B

He is on track to break the Mets home run record for 53, Depend on. .. Pete Alonso holds.

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