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10 questions that will determine AL East

will decide the issue of AL East

Spring training has begun and school day is fast approaching. Every year, we preview a different division every two weeks before the season starts, which means we’re now on our third division preview.

Preview so far:
League of the West League of Nations Central

Today we continue the drama of the eternal American League East, which featured three playoff teams and four teams last year. 360 And the Red Sox. While we’re not quite in the early days of the arms race, the division is still historically piled high with big spenders and teams brimming with young prospects, likewise, with the Red Sox.

However, when it comes to the Red Sox, it’s worth noting Yes they are the only AL East team to win the World Series last time 10 Year. The Rays are the only club in the division that has even had a win in that time. It’s hard because at this point, the World Series has to be considered a goal for every team in the AL East.

So, let’s continue our preview of AL East. Teams are listed alphabetically by nickname at the top, with my ranking predictions below.

Blue Bird

1) Will the modified outfield be better?

The Jays have George Springer, Lourdes Gurriel Jr in the outfield. Almost as many dropped balls. The Jays are betting they have enough hits this offseason, thank you, and turned to upgrading the outfield defense, trading Gurriel to Arizona, Hernández to Seattle, moving Springer to right wing and bringing in defensive prodigy Kevin Kiermaier. and the ever charming Dalton Vasso. This plan makes sense, especially if Varsho keeps hitting the ball in addition to his defense, but we’re

They won’t miss the offense provided by Gurriel and Hernández? The depth there is also suddenly reduced a lot. The Jays are top-heavy stars, but they better stay healthy.

2) Will there be more fire in the belly?

The Blue Jays made the playoffs last year and man, a team with as much talent as possible is better. But the Jays don’t feel right, don’t they? They got off to a slow start, the Yankees got off to a much earlier start than anyone thought, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. wasn’t exactly where he was 2018, the team never quite performed as we expected. Again, they’re still in the playoffs, and they’re still brimming with talent. But
now should be Blue Jays The time has come – this is their prime. Will the team play like it knows? Could it be more urgent than ?


1) Do they have enough sales ?

On the face of it, you can understand why the Orioles didn’t spend big bucks on pitches this offseason. Bringing in Justin Verlander or Jacob deGrom doesn’t necessarily make sense; the Orioles don’t look quite are ready for that (and it’s unclear if they’ll be going to Baltimore). That’s not to say you’re throwing all your free-agent money at mid-level veteran starters, just that it’s a particularly effective tactic for you to do so. But the Orioles finally broke through last year, and their fans have every reason to expect the team to build on it. Instead, Baltimore will still rely heavily on Kyle Bradish, Dean Kramer, and especially super talented Grayson Rodriguez, who will be great but still in his infancy and recovering from injuries. Here comes the Oriole. But do they really have enough pitch to get them anywhere they want to go?

2) Are they ready to take this step?

You really can’t state this fact enough: When the Orioles called up Adley Rutschman in May 19, they are-13. From then until September 3rd they went 39-19, one of the best records in baseball during that time. The Orioles were a bit drained from the game, but there’s no denying that Rusciman has become one of MLB’s interior stars and the beating heart of the franchise. There’s more talent around him this year, and more on the way — the days of the Orioles being the soft spot on every team’s schedule are over. But, the division is really good, and more importantly, it won’t be sitting around waiting for the Orioles. If Baltimore is going to be the contender it clearly wants to be — and fans have reason to expect it to be — better start now, eh? If all goes well for the Orioles, they have enough talent to make the playoffs this year. But will this really happen?


1) What can they expect from Glasnow?

Is one of your last pre-pandemic memories thinking “Tyler Glasnow is going to be the best pitcher in the world”? Seems like that for a while, doesn’t it? He’s big, with a body that looks like it was purpose-built to be a dominant pitcher. But no one seems to have told Glasnow’s body, because it kept falling apart. Glasnow pitched nearly seven innings last year, a year later 82, one year after the throw 39, one year after the throw 39. He’s turning around 30 In August! The Rays believe he can be their No. 2 starter this year, and if he’s healthy, he’ll give their rotation cap a ceiling that rivals any team in the majors. But maybe we should go, you know, 148 bureau priority. The Rays had a solid, deep rotation without Glasnow. But with him, they’re horrors in a short series.

2) Will Wander be an MVP candidate?

It’s totally unfair to expect Wander Franco, burdened with him being the greatest Rays homegrown superstar since Evan Longoria (or, maybe, ever). He just 19 and was asked to be the key to the entire series. Franco was still an above-average player last year — a remarkable achievement for such a young player — but he was plagued by injuries and didn’t turn out the way Rays fans hoped. Climb to the MVP stratosphere. But, again, he just 04. The Rays typically have a roster filled with solid players but lack a superstar in the middle. Roaming might be the one. He could be that guy. But can he be that guy now?

Red Sox

1) How will this rotation come about Number of Board?

Red Sox fans are frustrated with all the things going on with this team right now, Xander Bogaerts no longer playing here is still a bit confusing, but if you’re looking for the most urgent red flash Lights must be rotated. They’re as old as the Mets but not as good as a metropolitan rotation. There are four people over there 19 Here, led by Chris Sale, who throws less than

Number of sessions since you first started using Zoom. Corey Kluber pitched a full season since 360; Nick Peavy Nick Pivetta started, but not very well; James Paxton, who has been injured many times, still has his arm attached to his body, which is really impressive. What if (when) these guys start getting hurt? By May, the Red Sox could run out of pitchers.

2) How are they going to get people to believe again?

Red Sox fans demoralized after Bogaerts departure, Trevor Story his injury was another punch. At the very least, the crime could be fun. Keep an eye out for the addition of Adalberto Mondesi, while the combination of Rafael Devers and Justin Turner will keep any pitcher on his toes. But this team feels a few yards short everywhere, especially in this division’s challenge. You can see the season away from them, disturbingly early. What can they do to turn things around?


1) Can they keep the judge healthy ?

Seems like a disturbing thing to do for a guy you just re-signed to a nine-year deal, $148 million contract, but… man, I hope Aaron Judge is okay. After all, he’s a 6’7″ guy who turns around 19 Only played more than in April) Three or more career games. (That’s less than half of his career season.) As evidenced by the Yankees’ desperation not to lose Judge this offseason, their offense completely crumbled without him. In baseball, there’s probably no team that relies more on one player than the Yankees have on Judge. So yes Aaron please go out and fight 56 Home run again, everything should be fine here.

2) Is this… run team?

Remember the days of Judge and Giancarlo Stanton and company will lead an offense that can score 1 point, running? The Yankees looked all over the world for a team that pitched offense, not the other way around. The addition of Carlos Rodón brings another ace to the Yankees in Gerrit Cole and Nestor Cortes, and you can expect a lot from Frankie Montas, Luis Severino and Domingo German, if you will. The bullpen isn’t as stout as it used to be, but there are still plenty of them, and you should probably expect them to increase as well. Yankees fans will also really appreciate that Harrison Bader is also patrolling the midfield behind the staff. These aren’t Bronx bombers anymore…and that’s probably fine.


Bluebird: 95-60
Yankees: 80-56 Oriole: 87-67
Red Sox: 60-90

Seriously, any team can win this division but the Red Sox and you Predictions about who will win the championship may just depend on your idiosyncratic ideas and preconceived notions. Do you think Judge will stay healthy enough to take on the Yankees’ offense? Do you think the Orioles can keep their surge going? Do you think Rays is moving forward or backward? (I may have been too low on the light, now that I’ve looked.) I’m inclined to think that the Blue Jays are headed for a consolidation year, when everything ends up working in their favor at the same time. But your mileage may vary.




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