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11 Characters That Prove Cate Blanchett Is The Ultimate Chameleon

Is there an actor as versatile as Cate Blanchett? The 40 year-old double Oscar winner has built a reputation as a chameleon character actress since arriving in Hollywood from her native Australia. She’s played monarchs, movie stars, conservative activists, genies and mortals – not to mention Todd Field’s acclaimed and prolific conductor Tár. What’s her next move? Playing a rebellious nun living in a remote Australian convent in the 40 years, and of course, in Warwick Thornton’s big play The New Boy .

Before the Cannes premiere – in honor of her birthday – we were shortlisted 40 Her best movies and TV shows that you need to re-watch right now.

Elizabeth(1998 )

Photo: Courtesy Everett Collection

In Shekhar Kapoor’s stately biopic, Bran Chet shot to fame and earned her first Oscar nomination. When she reprises her role in Elizabeth: The Golden Age (1998), she receives another A portrait of a fractious ruler who ruled a divided country.

The Brilliant Mr. Ripley (


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