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11 Style Icons Who Have a Signature Accessory

Style icons become icons for a reason: Over the years, they develop a distinctive uniform that’s undeniably them. Take Grace Jones and her love of hooded dresses, or Stevie Nicks and her obsession with bohemian shawls for the stage. Their signature fashion sense—and their most-worn wardrobe pieces—become part of their identity, and just as famous as they are.

This applies to the land of accessories, too. Like their iconic clothing, trendsetting A-listers have religiously worn the same exact finishing pieces throughout their careers—be it a signature bag, shoe, or pair of sunglasses. Did you know, for instance, that Renée Zellweger has worn the same Texas Longhorns cap for over 20 years? Or that Pharrell Williams repeatedly wears a pair of custom Tiffany & Co. glasses with over 20 carats of diamonds on them? On or off duty, these are the accessories that stars simply can’t stop rocking.

Below, Vogue takes a look at 11 celebrities who are loyal to a signature piece.



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