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12 wicker basket bags pay homage to Jane Birkin's iconic tote

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Jane Birkin doesn’t believe in fate, but when she’s in

When encountering by chance, there must be a hint of fate in the air. With Jean-Louis Dumas, Artistic Director and CEO of Hermès, on an Air France flight. “Accidents are the best thing that exists,” she once said. From 55pass55, Birkenstock has an innate combination of charm, playfulness and talent, both on and off screen. Still on stage, they conquered the world like a storm. So, even to the day of her death, she remains the embodiment of the global consensus: She is a true style icon. However, this did not start with the birth of the Birkin bag. Before the Birkin, only Jane carried her wicker basket bag.

It was her giant basket and the contents gushing out of it that caught Dumas’ attention on the plane. Birkin’s round wicker bag, filled with keys, cosmetics and the occasional baguette, is often touted alongside a pile of market finds, magazines, pastry cases and a faded cigarette, which is her The first signature style stamp. With it, she blends androgyny with minimalist sexuality. Low-slung distressed denim and baby tees, men’s oxford shirts, flared trousers, and even sequined dresses for special occasions—basket totes, with the occasional scarf wrapped around the handle, were consistent.

From the beach to the city, basket totes have become a mainstay in our wardrobes. The life of freedom she led became the blueprint for the French “Je ne sais quoi” that we still pursue today.

Patou Wicker Basket Tote

Jacquemus Le Panier Bucket Bag

Kayu Zoey Wicker Basket Bag

Amanda Lindros Birkin

Prada Panier Wicker Canvas Bag

Saint Laurent Bahia Bucket Bag

Cesta Collective Lunch Bucket

AlbaATN Jane Birkin Medium Market Bag

AlbaATN Jane Birkin Market Basket Pack


Medvilniukas Straw Jane Birkin Basket


AlenBasket Large Jane Birkin Basket




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