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12-year-old manga creator Nao Maita to launch new series in July

otona© Nao Maita, Shogakukanotona the eighth and final volume (pictured right) ) OfNao Maita of ) (Adults don’t understand.) The manga was published in April 26 Maita will launch a new manga series in the August issue of Shogakukan‘s magazine was released on July 3. The announcement teased a romance in the new series.

Maita launched in

Manga in December2019, ends March 3. The manga tells the story of Ruki, a girl who entered a private noble school, and her encounter with fate that changed her life.

Maita ended her () manga in the October issue of the magazine. Maita launched the manga on 2016 and the series ended in October . Comic out No. volume, including the new story of the character after graduating from elementary school and moving to junior high school. The comic won the best award at 64th Children’s Manga Award Xiao Xiao Guan Manga Award 197670.

inspired (: A little heartbeat) TV animation , two original video animation series, and a live-action DVD special edition.

Source: Volume 8

2019 197670



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