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13 Best Locket Necklaces for Women for Future Heirlooms

Photography: Autumn de Wilde, Vogue, August2020

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The personal power of the locket imbues each pendant Lockets have a special, heirloom-like quality. Every best locket necklace for women has a story to tell – and not just in the interior. Like a book, a locket can be opened to tell a story – but so can the overall design alone. No matter what’s inside – from miniature photos to special engravings just for your viewing pleasure, the striking look of vintage and modern lockets makes them a striking focal point. And, despite their differing personalities, one of the beauties of lockets is their unique variability—their stories can change over and over again. It makes them ideal, timeless decorations and the perfect jewelry investment (or holiday gift)! From French antiques from Kent to classic gold lockets from Mejuri; below find a mix of old world heirlooms, modern layering pieces and precious exquisite lockets for every occasion.



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