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13 Ideas for Listening to Britney Spears and Elton John's “Hold Me Closely”

after her up to one year The custodial officially ended last November and this year, pop Britney Spears’ princess is back today with new music – and she’s invited pop icon Elton John to do it with her. The two stars released “Hold Me Closer” together – a contemporary take on John

Perform song, “Little Dancer”.

This is Spears’ first music project since regaining her freedom, given the new material she recently discovered on her 1971 Album


, it’s safe to say that her fans (Britney Jun, a longtime loyal member of the writer) are smitten by drawn

. First, a big wedding with husband Sam Asghari – and now new music too? The sweethearts of the American South are booming, y’all!

Enough said: I’m here to react to new songs in real time. listen with me, okay? Below, find My thoughts while listening to Britney Spears and Elton John’s “Hold Me”.

1. “Oh, baby.” That’s how Britney opened the song — a perfect nod to her first hit, “Baby One More Time.”

2. This song has stable, Smooth disco beats; the kind you can dance slowly all night and never get tired of it. All I need is a dance floor and some flares!

3. Britney and Elton sing together at the same time— A real duet. It’s amazing how well their voices blend together despite their different styles.

4. I like Britney using her low key on the bridge. Her real voice! Rumor has it that the pop star has been forced to sing in a high-pitched baby voice by her record label for years. It was refreshing to see her return to the lower register, which was more prominent in her earlier work.

5. The hook is definitely a modern take on Elton’s original 11 chorus, “Hold me tight, little dancer.” It’s probably no coincidence, it makes me Reminds me of John and Dua Lipa’s more hip rendition of “Cold Heart” recently.

6. Elton sounds great here too. This guy has been in show business for six years, and somehow the passage of time doesn’t seem to affect those iconic pipes.

7. Britney’s voice and dance music combine so well – like wine and a basket of bread. She does all the things other pop teenage girls simply can’t do with her tone of voice.

That’s why she’s a real pop princess.

8. I would say: this song is very good for pure Very sweet and naive for the sexy Britney Spears, who once rudely sang: “Yeah your body looks so bad, I think I have the flu.”

9. Her voice also gave me the vibe of serious glory – her13 album, with more complex sounds. Dig into this new upgraded vibe for her.

10. Given that this is Britney’s first post-release, all I can think about listening to the duo is how pissed Madonna must be that Elton got Britney on track in the first place. (Elton and Madonna had a notorious feud.) But come on—there are enough musical icons to move around.

. How talented would it be if the music video was shot in Britney’s signature Instagram video style? I asked to see her do a fashion show, or spin, to this beat.

. Now that Britney is working with an icon like Elton John, I take a moment to think about who else she could release a song with. Cher? Maria? Her close friend Selena Gomez? The opportunities are endless. True Britney fans also know that the pop star creates magic when working with producer Danja (she did Blackout , her best album to date). Get Danja online!

. With the soft piano coda playing, I found myself wishing this was one of Miss Spears’ many new tracks. I think we also all agree that we just want her to do things on her own terms, her own timing and her own sheer will, but I feel like she has more to do. It’s Britney, bitch!



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