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13 Things Vogue Editors Bought (and Loved) in August

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As editors at Vogue, we are often poetic about the latest news Runway

Essentials and Home Decoration treasures, but not every item we gush about on this site ends up in our closets and homes. Our finds were pleasing to the eye – they looked cute and inspired interesting conversations – however, among all the enticing stuff, what did we end up buying? Each month, we highlight the special finds our editors welcome in their lives – all of which make our buyers ecstatic.

Irene Kim, Producer and Editor Coordinator

Didn’t you hear that Mary Jane and the Ballet Apartments are coming back this fall? I have a pair of Everlane Mary Janes and they are my go-to shoes this month. They’re super comfortable, flats I love, and they’ll come in handy at NYFW as we go from show to office.

Everlane Mary Jane Apartments
$ 16


Commercial Director Tong Lili

Of course, September is an excitement because not only does it mark the season that transitions to fall, but it’s New York Fashion Week and US Open – two of my favorite events in a month. I love a classic tennis sweater that I can wrap around my shoulders with a chic maxi dress during the day, but also wear it in between shows when it’s a bit chilly at night. I recently bought this Ralph Lauren sweatshirt on opening night of the US Open and I found it to go well with a midi skirt for a front row race at Arthur Ashe or Fashion Week.

Polo Ralph Lauren US Open Wool Cricket Shirt
$45 Ralph Lauren

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Alexis Bennett, Business Writer

The weather is unpredictable on the horizon and upgrading my accessories has always been a priority for me. I’m now comfortably entering the season in Prada’s transitional slingback mules. But once the temperatures start to really drop, I’ll be stomping around NYC in these gorgeous Gia Borghini boots.

Prada Brushed Leather Slingback

$1, 30


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Gia Borghini x RHW Knee Boots



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Kiana Murden, Beauty Business Writer

As summer comes to an end, my life and my wardrobe is definitely transforming. Since I don’t have a lot of time to reduce my endless fall shopping cart, I’m hoping to rent a subscription service for statement pieces, which makes picking clothes without commitment much more fun! When I turned to Nuuly to spice up my everyday wardrobe (think: items for sports to the office or Sunday brunch), I purchased Rent The Runway for events and weekend getaways. Honestly, I’m still dreaming about these vibrant selections from the Tommy Hilfiger and Esteban Cortazar Collective, and I’m seriously considering buying them forever.

Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Footwear, Riding Boot, and Boot

Tommy Hilfiger Tech Turf Dress


Rent a runway
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Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Footwear, Sandal, and Shoe

Image may contain: Clothing, Sleeve, Apparel, Long Sleeve, and Dress

Esteban Cortazar Collective Paneled Midi Dress


Rent a runway


Ciarra Lorren Zatorski, Deputy Fashion Editor

While the boot might not be the most innovative fall find, but it’s coming A must-have for the season. Combining two styles in one, this Chelsea boot and loafer hybrid is the only thing that has me ready to leave for warmer days. Pair them with your go-to flowy dresses, lightweight pants, or even your summer shorts of choice, and your transitional wardrobe is complete!

Hereu Alda LoafersChlesea Booties


Bergdorf Goodman

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Henrik Lischke, Business Writer

When it comes to bags, I like to keep it simple. At least it was like this before I met Arlington’s Crystal Pink Kikka Bag. Granted, it’s not easy, but my inner magpie can’t&#x; Can’t resist its green shimmery ultra camp sheen. I take it with me on vacations, weddings, night out and the office. Yes, I even hiked in the Hollywood Hills (don’t judge). judgment? This bag won’t make your mouth water.

Arlington Kikka Leather Shoulder Bag


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Commercial Producer Clarissa Schmidt

I’ve never been to anyone who loves summer so much – I’ve been dying to start looking for fall as soon as August 1st arrives Shopping. In gorgeous shades between burnt orange and golden brown, I’m blown away by this cozy knit dress from PSWL. I already love the easygoing appeal of tie-dye prints, so seeing Proenza Schouler’s signature dyeing technique here also makes hitting “add to cart” even easier!

Proenza Schouler White Label Dip Dye Rib Knit Bodysuit

$ 148


Bergdorf Goodman


Christian Allaire, Fashion & Style Writer

Before New York Fashion Week, I was obsessed with getting two things: a new bag and new jeans. I’ve always dreamed of having a classic Chanel double flap – I think they would look great on men, especially with a nonchalant hoodie. For denim, I’ve always wanted a looser fit; I love these Balenciaga.

Balenciaga Ripped Straight Jeans


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Charlotte Diamond, Deputy Fashion Editor

A couple of weeks ago I found an amazing pair of T ory Burch riding boots (super discounted) and a whole season of clothing choices was on my mind Dancing in. Mini floral dresses, schoolgirl skirts, and crisp trousers all get a new lease of life when paired with these gorgeous boots. I knew I had to have them, but only after agreeing to separate custody from my sister did she fall in love with them too. While there’s no longer an exact pair, these By Far boots are sure to inspire the same fall fantasy.

By Far Edie Knee Boots




Joy Montgomery, Senior Business Writer

I rarely invest in new clothes in August due to the inevitable drop in temperatures in the UK on September 1st. Instead, I’ve been trying to invest wisely in summer sales, and JW Anderson’s signature bag happens to be at the top of my list. With vintage undertones, compact size and of course the brand’s signature &#x; the edge of the bumper, it’s the perfect addition to any minimalist ensemble Perfect complement.

JW Anderson Bumper Moon Shoulder Bag


JW Anderson

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Senior Fashion Writer Liana Satenstein

Cinderella has a glass slipper moment…but for me, I have Velcro sneakers. This is my crazy, morbid obsession, I especially like the sporty

Gattaca Designer Shoes – yum

crunchhhhh Makes a sound when put on. I’m going to live out my weird Velcro dreams with a pair of these sexy orthopaedic-friendly Tom Ford-era Guccis at The RealReal.

Reader’s Choice

Although summer is coming to an end, several “Vogue” readers Would love to have the opportunity to pre-order Gigi Hadid’s comfy M.Gemi sandals, handcrafted in small batches.

M.Gemi Matilde Due white
$ 30







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