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14 Fall Hair Colors to Try in Fall 2022

The leaves start to turn, there is a hint of crispness in the air, That means the buzz around fall hair color has begun.

“As the summer months go by and people come back from vacations and adventures with their hair in a bun and sun-wet After clearing and fading, they’re ready to go back to their real everyday life,” explains Mauricio Bermudez, Senior Colorist at Suite Caroline Salon in New York City. “Early fall is like the first episode of a new season, and people want to make a new impression with a renewed energy. Launching a new hair color for the first time immediately communicates to yourself and others that you are ready for the changes that the new season brings .”

Deciding which direction to take a new look is entirely a personal decision. For some, fall is an invitation for more polish. “Summer tends to evoke a laid-back vibe, while fall brings sophistication,” says Douglas Cornwall, also known as the Discolorist, of the appeal of indulging in fresh, luxurious, rich back-to-school dye jobs. For everyone else, it’s about starting the season with a new color palette. Alex Brownsell, co-founder and creative director of Bleach London, said: “In autumn, your wardrobe changes and your complexion usually gets paler, so people generally want warmer or darker hair colors.” Anyway , fall is the season of new beginnings, and change is change…it doesn’t necessarily have to follow rules or trends, so there are fantastic color treatments from candied dip to bright neon colors. From tangy fondue to copper berries, the pros weigh in on the season’s most popular fall hair colors and looks.

Rich Fondue

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14 Fall Hair Colors To Try This Autumn 2022

“Fondue is a rich brunette with golden shimmering reflections ,” says Los Angeles-based colorist Matt Rez, the mastermind behind Eiza González and Camilla Marrone’s volume brunettes, who created a medium-warm brown base and braided lighter golden-brown baby lights.


Rez calls “coppberry” perfect A marriage between copper and strawberry blondes. “The color has an orange-red base with a hint of strawberry gold accents throughout,” he explained.



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