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14 thoughts I had while watching Paul Mescal's new music video

I’m apparently the last to know that Normal People star and world-famous Phoebe Bridgers ex-boyfriend Paul Mescal is starring alongside Melissa Barrera in dance heavy , an operetta interpretation of Carmen. Of course, as a huge fan of this lovely Irish man, I was delighted to learn that he actually sang in the movie. Check out the music video below, then hear every thought I had while watching it.

  • We are in Red Dead Redemption?
  • Well, Paul looks good. When I say “good” I mean Paul looks like Who Miley Cyrus Might Have Dated During Her Hannah Montana Days.
  • In the most normal way: I want to put a quarter. !
  • Oh wow, his voice is actually sweet.
  • Short version, vaguely masc… this is Paul Mescal’s Is A Star the Born era? Will we see him crush Oxy with his cowboy boots, Jackson Maine style? Well, some of those high notes are…not very Works, but I respect the attempt.
  • This modest t-shirt and skinny jeans set is very… Taylor Swift In her bedroom, holding a note to the guy across the street in the “You Belong To Me” music video.
  • Is there anyone else in ?
  • I’m not trying to imply that Paul Mescal has a lot of beatles energy , but I think he could make a couple of teenage girls swoon.
  • Actually, what Mescal’s performance really reminds me of is Jim Sturgess in Across the Universe as Jude, The Beatles Jukebox Musical.
  • Lest this sound like an insult, please know that I was Both had a deep and unnatural obsession with Jim Sturgess and watched Across the Universe almost every weekend while my classmates were (presumably) out having sex ). So this is the opposite of drag!
  • I kind of wish this music video was a little bit higher concept. Put this man on a bed with all his friends, Harry Styles style! 1960


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