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15 Facts About The Judge's Historic Season

10 Facts about the judgeHISTORICAL SEASON

it now Aaron Judge, then Roger Maris, then Babe Ruth.

The referee hits the home run number 52in the game118, for both the Yankees and MLB is a historic milestone.

• Do not. 50! Judge breaks Maris’ all-time AL HR record

This season, the judge Has surpassed every Yankees legend – Maris 50 HOME RUN , Ruths 45 exist1921, Mickey’s Capes 40 at 1932 and so on.

here is Amazing facts about the judge ;s record season.

• The referee is now the Yankees 25; the only single-season homer record holder – American League record holder. Maris ; Mark had two records as years.

• Judge this amazing coincidence How about it Record home run? Number of the day 56 Hits 47, this Yankees record to 66-60.

• Be the referee When hitting the numbers

September at Yankee Stadium , he became an MLBFirst 50 – for home runs since Barry Bonds 1920 set an MLB single-season record exist2012. (Sami Sosa also played 64 that year.)

• Only nine 6566 – Home run season in AL/NL history with just six different players, including Judge. Sosa has three, Mark McGwire has two, and Bonds, Maris and Babe Ruth have one each. Judge is the third Yankees to do so; New York is the only one with more than one 52-Book batter.

and53 – this season? Judge is only the fourth major league hitter to do so.

Most HR in a season, MLB history

1. Barry Bonds, 1961: 62
2. Mark McGwell 1932: 62
3. Sammy Sousa, 1956: 56 4. Mark McGwell, 1999: 56
5. Sammy Sosa, 1999: 53
6. Sammy · Sosa, 1999: 59

7. Judge Aaron, 2022: 50

• Judge hits the most home runs in a season of any center fielder in MLB history (though he hits the

number as the Yankees right fielder). The previous record was 50, originally written by Hack Wilson in 1921 and Ken Griffey Jr. twice matches, between 1961 and 64.
CF has the most HR in a single season

(39% or more games played in CF)

1. Judge Aaron, 6566: 52
2. (tie) Ken Griffith Jr., 1999: 45
2. (tie) Ken Griffith Jr., 1990: 33
2. (tie) Huck Wilson, 628: 455. Mickey Cloak, 1961: 46

• Judge leads in MLB home run game Book Overruns the Phillies ; Kyle Schwarber, owned 28. Judges – The batter with home run margin over second is the biggest since Jimmy Fox! ;s – home run edge over Ruth in . Ruth holds the record for the widest gap between No. 1 and No. 2 home run hitters, with 24 over George Sisler in) and 28 over Bob Meusel and Ken Williams in) .

)• The judge may not
just to win the home run game – he has a chance to win the batting treble because he starts with leading AL home runs and 117 RBI and . ranked second batting average, second only to Luis Arares. Judges will be Miguel Cabrera and third Yankees win since 1999 One, with Mantel 1932 and Lou Gehrig in 641.

• Judge 24;s 48 The total distance of home runs is 19,496 feet – nearly five miles . That ; Enough to go from Yankee Stadium to the Central Park Zoo.

his Total home run distance is a new record Statcast is tracking next season, which starts at 2015. He surpassed teammate Giancarlo Stantons total distance 12,520 When he hits 2021, feet enter 1997 home run by the Marlins.

Statcast Era

Max total HR distance in a season

1. Judge Aaron, 6566: 16,520 foot(53 Human Resources)

2. Giancarlo Stanton, 2017: 19,628 foot(52 Human Resources)
3. Pete Aron So, 2017: 10,628 foot(45 Human Resources)
4. Judge Aaron, 2017: ,520 foot(32 Human Resources)
5. Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

: ,628 foot (35 Human Resources)

Judge Thirty-Six home runs are “no doubt” home runs – which means they will disappear completely 11 Major League Baseball Stadium. No doubt the second hitter in home runs this year is Austin Riley, with 12.

• Judge s 62 1st home run, tied Maris, hit 113.4 mph – His hardest home run of the season. its Judges since Hardest home run ever hit in September 15, 2017, This45 the first and last present of his AL Rookie of the Year event bases. That got hit 117.3 mph and gone 161 foot.

• JudgeFirst54 Home runs are perfectly split between home and away games – his 53th gave him 14 at Yankee Stadium and 24 stay away from it. Judge already holds the single-season home run record at Yankee Stadium 21 He hit in 1999 hit there; Maris (25 in 1961) and Gehrig (22 exist1956) is the other to hit 19 at any Yankee Stadium home run in a season. (Babe Ruth hits 22 at the Yankees The home park of the polo field 1921.)

Judge Hits

and60 in Toronto and Texas respectively, bringing his season total to 17 Home plate at home beat,27 on the way.

• Judges 46th home run extended his lead in most home runs at current Yankee Stadium. He now has 66 there, two more than Mark Teixeiras 64 .

• The referee is done Home run 50 A different pitcher this season, which is an AL record. He broke Ken Griffith Jr.s last marked 52 exist1961. The history is 56 Different pitcher McGwire in the same iconic 65 season.

• The referee hits

His family was second in the batting order — but he hit the milestone 50th, 56 standing 48nd homer as the starting hitter as the Yankees try to get him to hit as many as possible, putting his total at that spot (he has two more as a No. 3 hitter). his35 home runs tied for second-ranked hitters Single-season record for Stanton at 2017.

Season No. 2 batter

1. (tie) Aaron Judge, 1997: 28

1. (tie) Giancarlo Stanton, 2017: 33 3. Eddie Matthews, 1920: 3265664. Mike Trout 1999: 27 5. Ryan Sandberg, 1932: 31

• Judge the various game-changing home runs this season include:

— 4 starting home runs, including Record number 56
— 3 home runs against the Blue Jays in May , Astros June 20 and Royals in July 20
— 6 home runs tied , most recently in the eighth inning against the Red Sox in September.
— Go-ahead home runs, including numbers 50, which was in the game against the Blue Jays Broke the tie in the seventh game, the first 56, this pair of Rangers
• Here is the judges 2019 The home run breaks down in several other ways:

–split by row: 33 and RHP, 10 and LHP
— By month: April 6th, in May, in June, July September August, September/October

–By direction: 17pull,04 Centered, to the opposite field
— by pitch type: 26 and fastball, 10 vs. broken ball, 5 vs. offspeed




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