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15 Lace Ideas to Make and Sell

Macrame is currently recovering. The craft of knotting, which was popular in the seventies, provided a wealth of opportunities for crafty business owners.

Part of the rise in popularity has to do with the bohemian decorating style circulating on Pinterest and decorating blogs. But it’s also a very practical craft as it’s mostly just about putting rope or other fibers into Unique pattern tied up. With just a few basic materials at a craft or hardware store, you can create a variety of products that you can wear, display at home, or sell to others online or at your local market.

If you’re looking for lace ideas for your crafty business, here are 15 products to consider.

Lace Ideas for Small Craft Businesses

Wall Hanging

If you want to get really creative with colors, patterns and textures, a wall hanging might be perfect choose. These are basically 3D wall art and can include all the different kinds of ropes and fibers. You can stick with basic knot patterns or even try to create recognizable images.

Hanging Plant Stands

Hanging plants can be a great way to liven up a space. Lace provides a perfect way to hold these plants in place. Just create a series of knots that will hold the pot, then tie the material above so it can easily fit on the overhead hook.

Production Bags

Nowadays, many people are looking for simple ways to eliminate waste, such as plastic bags. You can provide an eco-friendly solution by tying together sustainable rope or fibers to create reusable produce bags that people can take to the grocery store.


For those looking for a more stylish lace idea, add some extra color or more knots textures to create a bag that provides a unique and memorable style.


If you want to make small lace ornaments, please make simple ornaments like knotted necklaces , bracelets, and even earrings that look like feathers. This is especially useful for those who want to sell products online, as small items are easy to ship.


Macrame is also great for belts as you can easily create a long knot full of Pattern, both stylish and durable. You can attach a buckle on the end or even just attach a belt.


Another fashion related product, you can attach ropes or fibers to the bottom of the sandal and then Make a series of small knots to hold the top of the sandal in place. This product is perfect for those selling in summer or near popular resorts.

Jar Hanger

At home, some customers may want to start a small herb garden in their kitchen, Or hang small candles around their patio. Small glass jars provide the perfect vehicle for these goals, and a simple lace hanger allows customers to easily place these jars in their home or yard.


If you want to create something small and decorative, consider making lace decorations Taste. They can be shaped like light bulbs or even mini wall mounts just to put on trees for the holidays. Stick with basic fibers for boho-inspired holiday decor, or add some festive touches to appeal to a wide audience.


Likewise, you can make garlands to match holiday decorations or to dress up for various special events. With lace, you can have the wreath create a sort of edge at the bottom, making the piece a real focal point.


For those who want to make bigger home products, lace might be the way to go Effective method for curtains. You can offer simple designs that are purely decorative, or pair your pieces with solid fabrics for a more functional curtain.


If you want to stick to smaller proportions, you can create round or even fringed Lace pattern. This makes it the perfect solution for creating coaster sets that match vintage or nature-inspired home decor.


Macrame can also be used to make individual chandeliers and lamps. Basically, you make a circle around the light. You can then sell the decorative feature or integrate it into a completely separate lamp or actual fixture.


Macrame has always been a popular way to make a hammock. Multi-section construction provides comfort and durability. If you go this route, it may be beneficial to sell locally as these tend to be a bit bigger. However, you can also just sell the fabric part that fits your existing base.

Camera Straps

If you want to stick to smaller items, lace is great to make for DSLRs Sturdy camera strap. Create unique patterns to decorate the camera for photographers. You can also use it for a camera bag strap.



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