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15 Vibrating Butt Plugs to Take Your Fun to the Next Level

Vibrating butt plugs are a relatively easy way to enhance your sexual pleasure during masturbation and partner sex. You just plug the plug into the back end, turn on the vibration, and leave it there wherever you want. Unfortunately, some cisgender heterosexual men are uncomfortable with anal penetration (to themselves) because they fear it means they are secretly gay, or somehow “not like men.” This is ridiculous! Butt stuff has nothing to do with sexual orientation, everything has to do with pleasure.

“Anal play is pleasing to all genders and all sexual orientation by adding an extra set of sexual sensations in the bedroom,” porn performer and sex educator Trip Richards said.

Why does a vibrating butt plug feel good?

For men with penises, vibrating butt plugs (or any butt plugs, for that matter) stimulate the prostate, a walnut-sized gland located about two to three inches inside the rectum , and nerve endings around the anus. Do you have a vulva? You can still enjoy anal stimulation and even combine it with clitoral action for a mixed orgasm.

Whether you’re bringing a butt plug into co-op or single player, Richard Both point out that the vibrating plug takes the feeling to the next level. The vibrations reverberate throughout your body, which can lead to a full-body orgasm, rather than a localized orgasm that’s pleasurable only around your penis or clitoris. Most vibrating toys offer a variety of settings, from a gentle hum to a more exciting intensity, he added.

How to choose a vibrating butt plug?

Choose between battery powered and rechargeable:

Two Each has its pros and cons, says Ashley Manta, author of The CBD Solution: Sex . “Battery-powered is usually cheaper, so (it) could be a good thing for someone just starting out,” Manta said. “But you do get what you pay for, and battery-powered vibrations tend to be more humming, which can feel itchy if you’re someone who likes rumble vibrations.” On the other hand, she said rechargeable toys tend to be more Higher quality, usually come with a warranty, and are usually made of non-porous materials (i.e. they are smoother, waterproof, and less likely to accumulate bacteria).

Choose the right size:

Don’t let your eyes be bigger than your holes , Manta warned. “Sometimes people can be a little ambitious when it comes to choosing a plug, so be sure to try inserting well-oiled fingers first to see how many fingers (if more than one) you can comfortably hold,” she advises. If you’re just starting out, you don’t want to get anything bigger than this.

If you’re doing anal training, Manta recommends B-Vibe’s Anal Training and Educational Butt Plug Kit, which allows you to start small and work your way up to your liking perimeter.

How do I use a vibrating butt plug?

Manta encourages users to try the plug alone to get a feel for what it feels like before taking it to cooperative sex. “Put down a towel, make sure your plug is fully charged or have new batteries, use plenty of compatible lube, and lie down in a comfortable position to plug in,” she says. Most people prefer to lie on their back or side for solo play, but you can really do it in any position you have the most access to, including standing.

Manta recommends waiting until the plug is inserted into your body before turning on the vibration so you don’t try to plug in something that’s buzzing fast. Also, make sure you have some wipes nearby to wipe your hands off before handling the remote. “Breathe! Relax! Take your time! Have fun!” she said.

A note on safety: Manta reminds anal lovers that any toy that sits on the butt should have a flange base. Don’t use a bullet vibrator like a butt plug, or it could disappear in your butt and require an emergency room visit.

Now, you probably hate vibrating butt plugs – or any kind of anal sex toy – because of the shit. We get it. That said, if you rinse beforehand, it’s an easy process that you should be aware of. If you don’t want to douche, Richards recommends sliding the condom onto the plug as an easy “cheat,” especially since the toy pretty much stays in place.

What are the best vibrating butt plugs?

With all that said, here are the 15 best vibrating butt plugs on the market right now. (Fair warning, because they vibrate, these plugs are a bit more expensive than other sex toys, although we’ve included some cheaper ones in the list.)

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