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18 runs, 22 hits…and no HR in sight

Club bounces back in final stage of series as southpaw falters behind bat burst

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No one in the Phoenix-Phillies clubhouse was worried.

On Monday and Tuesday, the club is under interim head coach Rob • Thomson had his worst two games, beaten by the guards at Chase Field. It led by seven on Monday, allowing a total of 25. After each loss, Thomson calmly reminded people that it was just a game, and even Phillies fans at home recalled the recent end-of-season debacle.

But the Phillies ended Wednesday night with a An 18-2 win over Arizona ended a three-game losing streak. The win maintained its halftime lead over San Diego, earned its second NL wild card, and led by three games over Milwaukee, which is chasing two teams.

“I’ve been through a lot of this before loss,” said Phillies left fielder Kyle Schwaber. “They happen. You don’t want them to happen, but they happen. You can’t worry about it. If you go out and think about it, what are you going to do well? You have to focus on what’s going on today. Did it stink instantly? Absolutely. But you have to put things in perspective. After they were over, we couldn’t do anything about them. We got together today to prepare for the game. We did our thing.”

Everyone plays. This is the first time since 1901 that the Phillies’ starting lineup has played in a At least two hits in the game. It’s only the 35th baseball game in the past 121 years.

Phillies since April 7 Most points scored in a game since scoring 20 points against the Marlins, 2018. The game also marked the first time the Phillies have scored without a homer since August 17, 1941 18 or more, in Game 2 of a double-header against the Giants.

They made 15 of 29 and ran the bases player is in scoring position. It was their most scorers since they scored 15 times in a 26-7 win over the Mets at Veterans Stadium on June 11, 1985. It is tied for the most runners in scoring positions in a game by any team this season.

“Bailey made an order Incredible work,” Schwaber said.

Phillies left pitcher Bailey Law Walter allowed one and five hits in 6 1/3 innings. He struck out. It was the best start of his career but ended with him off the field with assistant athletic trainer Aaron Hobeck. Falter felt tightness in his right groin.

He was treated immediately and said He feels “100 percent better” than when he left the field.

Falter has a 4.08 ERA this season A 3-3 ERA is no small feat considering he’s been up and down in the third division in the Lehigh Valley seven times. But recently, Falter has really come. He’s 3-0 with a 2.59 ERA in his past four games. The Phillies win one game each.

starts July 29th in Pittsburgh . This was Falter’s last start as a backup for Zach Eflin before the team acquired Noah Sindgard on Aug. 2. Falter went 4-2 with two runs in six innings. Falter was drafted on Aug. 20 for his second game in the doubles against the Mets. He dropped a run in six innings to win 4-1. It was the only game the Phillies won in a four-game series. On Friday, Falter was called again to Citizens Bank Park to fight the pirates. Zach Wheeler has just been placed on the 15-day injured list. Falter won 7-4 in six innings.

Then Falter helps the Phillies Avoided a sweep in Arizona.

“If you want to be in this game To stick with it, you have to adapt,” he said. “I have work to do. Sometimes you have to go with the flow. It’s not always fair, but it’s a business. That’s it.”

Wheeler could return to the rotation on Tuesday, which could make Falter’s situation unclear again.

“He’s stretched out now Here we go,” Thomson said. “Theoretically, you can keep him for a while, and then if you need to pull him back, you do it. We haven’t talked about it yet. We need to get the wheel back first.”

If for some reason Wheeler is not ready, Falter will be ready.

“This is the nature of the game , but the way he handled the game, he’s always been the same guy, the same character, ready to start,” Schwaber said. “He wanted to go deep. He did it tonight. It means a lot to us.”



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