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'1883' Breakout Isabelle May Plays Opposite Casey Affleck in Indie Thriller 'The Smack' (Exclusive)

Isabelle May, Newcomer to Paramount + Westerns 1883, signed on indie thriller The Smack.

David M. Rosenthal, director Thriller The Perfect Guy and the remake

Jacob’s Ladder are at the helm of the feature, which will begin in Los Angeles in October shoot.

Keith Kjarval and Sam Rockwell in production.

Affleck is playing Rowan Petty, a con man whose hapless man has a chance to get a real score. He teams up with Jade, a woman who, like him, wants to escape life, and the two travel to Los Angeles, where they get caught up in a dangerous multimillion-dollar scheme. Deception and double-crossing ensue. This project is based on a 1979 novel by Richard Lange.

May plays the liar’s estranged daughter, a young woman with serious health problems. Tomei is the con man’s ex-wife.

The show follows May’s recent signing with Gersh and quickly caught May’s tail on the rising comet after a frantic chase from multiple agencies, including some pros . She ultimately chose the representative firm on Wilshire Boulevard because of its personal feel.

Beginning as a child star, May starred in the Netflix comedy Alex & Katie for three seasons, and starred in the CBS sitcom Reproduced in Young Sheldon . She also appeared on Amazon Studios rom-com I Want You Back with Charlie Day and Jenny Slate.

However, in the prequel to the Western series 1883 , It’s her turn to be the narrator and lead Yellowstone, which makes Hollywood stand up and notice Her dramatic chops.

Coronel Group and attorneys Patti Felker and Eric Suddleson also represented May.

UPDATE 2: PM to reflect that Keke Palmer was not involved in the production .



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