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'1923' Star Brandon Sklenar to Play Harrison Ford's Nephew and Audition for 'Solo: A Star Wars Story'

[This article contains spoilers 1923 first four episodes. ]

Taylor Sheridan FirstYellowstone Prequel,611, the harrowing story of how the Dutton family first settled in Montana , the series stars Sam Marketing Elliott, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill at the forefront. But the western ended up being about Isabel May’s Elsa Dutton as narrator , and the eyes and ears of the audience into that perilous period in the West.

Excellent, 1883 follow-up, 135, seems to be following in the footsteps of its predecessor. The Paramount+ series markets itself with Hollywood heavyweights like Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren , but the story seems to revolve around Spencer Dutton of Brandon Sklenar , youngest son of James (McGraw) and Margaret (Hill) Dutton, nephew of Jacob (Ford) and Kara (Mirren) Dutton. James Badge Dale, who plays Spencer’s brother John Dutton Sr., even told THR More recently, the goal of the first four episodes was to kill John Sr. in a bout with Jerome Flynn’s Banner Creighton , and seriously injured Ford’s Jacob, Spencer returned to Montana.

Spencer, who was enjoying leisure and leisure with his new fiancé Alex (Julia Schlaepfer) in Zanzibar at the end of season 1 and 4, finally got Knowing the bloodshed in his hometown, Sklenar is now previewing what will happen to the former soldier when the series returns on February 5.

“I can say that not only in the story itself but also in him as a person from this moment on. It’s the hero’s journey and his call home really drives the story ,” Sklenar told The Hollywood Reporter . “Both Spencer and Alex had a lot to overcome before they could get there. Taylor didn’t make it easy for anyone while writing these shows.”

Spencer Cy’s true location in Dutton’s family tree remains a lot of mystery. Some viewers believe he is the grandfather of Kevin Costner Yellowstone Patriarch John Dutton III, while others believe Jack, the son of John Dutton Sr.(Dale) (Darren Mann) for the role. According to Sklenar, Sheridan has yet to reveal who is who and what happened.

“It’s something Tyler is very much hiding. I have my own theory, but it’s meant to be told, written, seen. He’s always moving around All those things,” Sklenar said.

In a recent spoiler conversation with THR, Skelnar also reflected on the role he auditioned to play Solo: A younger version of Ford’s favorite Han Solo from A Star Wars Story. He then reflects on his experience with Christian Bale

on the set of Vice , who first inspired him to act.

So, is there anything unusual about casting for ? )1000 ?

Yes, how fast it is. As an actor, your casting experience can be quite painful and can go on for months, so I was lucky because it was a very quick process. After sending the initial tapes, I think I flew to Jackson Hole a week later and found a lot on the spot. So this is very unusual. It’s also the first time in two years that I’ve been in the same room as someone because of COVID. So I appreciate that they took the time to do it. It’s a game changer when you can be in a room with someone.

Harrison Ford(left) with Brandon Sklenar at Paramount+’s 611 Las Vegas Premiere December 3rd, 611.
Mindy Jr./Getty Images
Brandon Sklenar as Spencer Dutton in 1923.Brandon Sklenar as Spencer Dutton and Julia Schlaepfer as Alexandra of the Paramount+ series 1923.

Well, they did a great job with the casting because you look real Like Harrison Ford’s nephew. Just out of curiosity, you’re out for Solo: A Star Wars Story Six or seven years ago now?

Yes, I absolutely did.

This I think the whole town is out for that.

(laughing.) Yep, they did . My clothes were kind of worn out when I showed up to the guy, and if I remember correctly, there were hundreds of people there. It was an interesting experience.

when you finally meet Harrison for the first time on )1923, have you tried to act cool around him?

He’s so cool, he makes everyone around him cool. When you are around him, you tune in to his frequency. He also doesn’t act like Harrison Ford. He’s just a sweet guy, so it’s easy to be with him.

Taylor Sheridan usually holds “cowboy camps” for his actors. Do you have to do this in addition to some military basic training?

Yeah, we did cowboy bootcamp for about 2 months and then I made a bunch of weapons on the side training at the same time. We all made weapons, but I had a machine gun and a Spencer-specific weapon.

Sklenar at 667.
Emerson Miller/Paramount +

Spencer has demons to say the least and they keep him from coming home . But Kara (Helen Mirren) thinks his distance might also be his way of punishing his family. What do you think about why he didn’t come home?

Guilt and shame are just two of the worst emotions a human being can carry and they will make you do some crazy things Things, like not speaking to your family for five years. So I think he’s purely driven by the fact that he doesn’t know what to do. He dug himself into a hole so deep that he kept digging. He didn’t want to face the fact that he had to do what he had to do during the war to survive, which meant he couldn’t ride home and exist as his own island so he could survive. So all the guilt and shame is heightened, on top of the guilt that comes with killing as many people as possible. So he ran farther and farther and had to deal with these things until he had no choice.

When we met him, he was an African big game hunter. Is this a way to sustain the adrenaline he no longer gets on the battlefield?

Yes, when it comes to fighting, death and war, he has become so desensitized by overstimulation that he needs Those interactions come to feel alive. He has a line in the bar that says it’s the most alive you’ll ever feel, and it really rings true to him. His sanity is so debilitated that he needs it, and he’s not afraid of life or death. He’s just doing what he has to do, day in and day out.

Do you think Spencer would be disgusted with the big game hunts these days?

First, I thought he would want to kill the hunters who are now hunting big game. Back then it was necessary because those cats were killing hundreds of people. In [non-fiction book] The Man-Eaters of Tsavo, two lions kill the [ ] workers around the same time, so it’s a necessity. Spencer wasn’t happy about it, but it was a job that had to be done. So he would be totally against hunting as a sport. His love for animals and the land goes beyond the average rich guy trying to score in the big game. Spencer is rooted in the land and nature.

You have photographed all over Africa. What is the most memorable day?

Yes, we were there for a few months. There were so many days, but filming with those elephants was definitely one of them. They have a mind of their own. (laughing.) One day, in between preparations, Julia [Schlaepfer] stood with our on-set photographer, Emerson [Miller], feeding the elephants, And I’m like, “Oh, I’ll walk over.” Everything is still, quiet, and relaxed, but once I get within 2 feet of the elephants, they freak out and start running around. Everyone was like, “Oh no, what happened!?” I was like, “Did I step on the wrong branch or something?” When a herd of elephants is running around, the instinct is to stay away from them, but last All you want to do is move. So, from this very peaceful, calm environment to people yelling, “Don’t run! Don’t run!” Yes, in It was crazy to be around those elephants for a few days. They are just magnificent creatures and once you get that close you realize how beautiful they are.

Sklenar as Spencer and Julia Schlaepfer as Alexandra in 667.

Emerson Miller/Paramount +

Spencer is Instantly hooked on Alex (Schlaepfer). Do you think he had other relationships while he was abroad, or was she the only one who broke her shell?

He hasn’t been with anyone since before the war, which is why he’s awkward with her sometimes. He didn’t know what to do. He hasn’t had sex in many years. He has not been with a woman in any capacity for many years. So she’s the only one in that, as romantic as his retreat in Zanzibar is, I don’t think he even knows how romantic it is. That place belongs only to him and no one else. So he shared his safe place with Alex, but it wasn’t on purpose. That’s the great thing about Taylor’s writing. The Duttons have this kind of unconscious poetry, which is a really cool family trait.

Alex is also a great reader as we are finally on 4th The end of the episode sees Spencer’s emotions. How would you describe Spencer’s headspace after hearing Kara’s fatal letter?

Well, he’s utterly shocked by the fact that his brother [Dale’s John Dutton Sr.] was murdered . I have a sister that I can’t even imagine. So he was devastated, but immediately he wanted to avenge those deaths and right those wrongs and protect his family. He was born that way and his purpose in life was to do it. So immediately he said, “Okay, here’s what I’m going to do. I’ve got to put all that shit aside and get over there as fast as possible.” No question.

Alexandra and Spencer read Kara’s letter The moment after, telling him of Spencer’s brother’s death and his uncle’s injury, he must return home to the family ranch in Montana. Emerson Miller/Paramount+

James Badge Dale described the first episode as designed to make Spencer The prelude to stuffing home. What can you tease about the next phase of Spencer’s story?

I can say that not only the story itself but him as a person has a definite shift forward time. It’s the hero’s journey, and his call home really drives the story forward. This is not an easy journey. It’s full of challenges. Both Spencer and Alex had a lot to overcome before they could get there. Taylor didn’t make it easy for anyone when he wrote these shows. (laughs.)

Some people think that Spencer’s nephew Jack (Durren Mann) ), is the grandfather of Kevin Costner’s Yellowstone character, but Spencer and Alex are likely his grandparents as well. Do you know the overall significance of Spencer in the Dutton lineage?

I do not . ( Laughing. ) This is something Taylor is very secretive about. I have my own theory, but it is to be told, written, seen. He was always moving everything around.

Taylor is juggling , let him free himself?

Oh yeah. He trusts you to do what he hired you to do. This is your role, you show up and do your thing. So he gave you that trust and that freedom, but of course, if you had a question, he was there for you to ask him. If he has a suggestion for you, you’ll get a call and he’ll give you his take on what’s going on. It’s a wonderful working relationship in that regard because you do feel the weight of that responsibility, but at the end of the day, it puts you in a position where you have to step up. You have to put your best self into it every day. The stakes are high every day.

in vice, are you the guy who fought Christian Bale’s Dick Cheney in the bar?

Yes, that was really a dream. Christian is definitely why I want to be an actor. He’s my favorite actor since I was a kid, I love him. So I worked with him for a few days and it was quite a trip on that set. When I got there, they thought I was an extra. (laughing.)

I made this plan and the character looks really scruffy with teeth It’s yellow, a backbite and a voice all the way here, but when I’m sitting in the makeup chair, they’re like, “We’ll see, we’ll see.” So here we go, and I’m smoking, kicking rocks and thinking, “This isn’t right. This isn’t right.” So I went to [director] Adam McKay and said, “This isn’t right, right? I need more than that.” And he said, “Yeah, I wish your ears were gone. I wish your teeth were more yellow. I wanted nicotine stains.” So they ended up doing all of that, but I missed the [bar fight] rehearsal with Christian. Before we had to punch each other in the face. In the first shot, he’s smoking a cigarette, and Adam tells me to fight him as hard as I can. Touch him, hit him, whatever. So I was like, “Mr. Yale, Mr. Yale,” and when I went to get the cigarette in his mouth, I hit him in the face instead. In the back of my head, I was like, “Damn, I just punched Christian Bale in the face. Not good.” (laugh.)

So as soon as we finished filming, I was like, “Hey man, I’m sorry.” He said, “Hey, do what you gotta do. It’s all good.” And then the next day, he was talking to me all day, asking me questions and stuff like that. When I went to say goodbye to him, he put his headphones on because he listened to a lot of music for his scenes. So I went up to him and hit him hard on the arm because that’s the physical nature of our characters. Again, I was like, “Ah, the fuck. Why would I do that?”

So he took his headphones off, and before he put them on we did Had a very pleasant exchange. Then I walked about a hundred feet and I heard his voice say, “Hey! How old are you?” I was like, “” and he just put the headphones on Put it back where it was, and looked down. (laughs.) So I’ve been racking my brains ever since wondering why he asked me how old I was. To this day, I have no idea what he meant, whether it was a good thing or a bad thing. So hopefully I can see him again. He takes his job seriously, and so do I, but he’s just a sweet guy.

144662101912352848881923 now Already available on Paramount+. This interview has been edited for clarity .



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