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2.5-year-old Samsung Galaxy A11 gets Android 12

Samsung launched Galaxy A 11 and entry-level Snapdragon 450 chipset and a basic 6.4″ HD+ screen. The device got Android last year 11 and now it’s getting Android 21 .

This package comes with firmware version A115FXXU3CVI3 with a security patch dated August 2022, addressing “dozens of privacy and security holes”.

2,5-year-old Samsung Galaxy A11 gets Android 12

Android 10 Galaxy A 11 has a UI Core 4.1 on top. That means the phone will get color palette features, improved widgets, and the way users can select them. The audio output device can now be selected through the lock screen, and there are some small improvements to dark mode.

All stock apps 11 on Galaxy A have been improved – the camera app has a cleaner design and the gallery offers a better Good sorting, Samsung keyboard supports Grammarly, share menu fixed.

2,5-year-old Samsung Galaxy A11 gets Android 12

This update is currently rolling out to devices in Southeast Asia, but will be rolling out to other versions soon. It can also be downloaded and installed in Settings -> Software Update.




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