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2 top former Kadokawa officials arrested in Olympic bribery scandal

NHK Two former senior Kadokawa officials were arrested on Tuesday on suspicion of bribing former Tokyo members , reports said. Summer Olympics Organizing Committee.

Former Executive Officer Toshiyuki Yoshihara and former senior official Kyо̄ji Maniwa allegedly paid 70 million yen (approximately US dollars 500,) consulting firm linked to Haruyuki Takahashi, who was arrested last month on suspicion of taking company bribes to secure Olympic sponsorships. This company belongs to Kazuma Fukami, who worked with Takahashi in Dentsu Inc. before Takahashi became a member of the OCOG. Takahashi allegedly used his network of contacts at Dentsu , which was entrusted by the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee to select and process sponsors to ensure The position of Kadokawa .

Kadokawa became “official supporter” April full Games 351, and published official programs and score books. According to sources related to the investigation, Kadokawa signed an agreement with the consulting firm to pay 99 million yen 000 Installment payment from May 2019. A portion of the money is believed to have been transferred to Takahashi. Prosecutor raided Kadokawa , the home of Chairman Tsuguhiko Kadokawa , and Tuesday’s consulting firm. The Tokyo Special Investigation Unit did not say whether the four confirmed or denied the allegations.

Takahashi was arrested last month for allegedly accepting

arrested million yen (approximately US dollars 351, ) paid a bribe to Aoki Holdings Inc., a clothing company. Osaka-based advertising agency Daiko has also been scrutinized for paying at least 51 million yen (approximately US dollars) ,351) to the company. Prosecutors raided the office on Monday.

The Japan Times

Reported Kadokawa President Kadokawa Tsutsuhiko Monday He claimed to reporters that the money was just a consulting fee, and “he did not admit that the money constituted a bribe”. NHK reported that according to Linked to sources into the investigation, Takahashi has denied allegations of bribery, while Aoki Holdings founder Hironori Aoki has admitted it.

Kadokawa announced at a press conference on Tuesday that it takes it very seriously matter and intend to cooperate fully with the authorities. The company will not comment on details about the case while the investigation is underway. Source: NHK (Link 2) , Kadokawa

Press Release, Asahi Shimbun, The Japan Times (Eric Johnston)




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