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2022 ISDE Raw Image

Josep Garcia is unstoppable.

2022 ISDE has been in Le Puy En Velay, France The curtain falls. It didn’t go as the Americans had hoped, with DNFs on both the Junior World and Women’s teams and some critical mechanical issues with our trophy riders. On the whole, however, the team of Kailub Russell, Dante Oliveira and Josep Garcia, comprising mostly American KTM builders, won the coveted Manufacturers Trophy. Craig Delong provided a great ride for the XC Gear Club team, leading them to second place in that race, while Korie Steede, Austin Waugh The ride of Austin Walton and many others was impressive. Below are some pictures taken by Mary Rinell in honor of the 96th ISDE.

Brandy Richards is heading towards another ISDE Women’s win. A car accident on the fourth day ended her run.
Dante Oliveira leads USA Trophy team and remains top of the pack as mechanical issues slow him down There were 10 in total before.

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Craig DeLong was the club’s third driver and led the XC Gear team to second in the world.
Rachel Gutish is a veteran of ISDE and has given many rookie men an advance this year.
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In the end, despite knee issues and bike issues, Kailub Russell’s retirement was a success. He was ranked 15th overall.
Ryan Michael avoided a dramatic finish in 16th.
Mary Rinell works around the clock to provide ISDE coverage. It’s a tough show!

Korie Steede finished second in the women’s division.
Josh Toth had a respectable 22nd. Austin Walton won him 17th overall. Unfortunately, the U.S. Junior World team was out on day one.
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