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2022 NFL Preseason Week 2 Here's One Thing We Learned About Every Team: Cowboys Find Special Team's Star

We are now two weeks into the 2022 NFL preseason, and I’m sure we’re all set for meaningful football by this point. Congrats to the Baltimore Ravens, their exhibition dynasty has been established. But now, I’m ready to see Lamar Jackson on the court for a potential rebound season.

No doubt we learned from week 2. The Buffalo Bills look very deep, some veterans may be on the verge of losing their jobs to rookies, and we’ve also unfortunately seen a couple of season-ending injuries. It’s fair to wonder how much we can actually glean from exhibition football and more preseason underperformance than graceful aging. I’ve had to self-report to Old Takes Exposed before, and I’m not afraid to do it again. With that said, here’s one thing I learned about every NFL team in preseason week 2.

For Week 1 preseason takeaways for each NFL team, click here.

Arizona Cardinals: Kyler Murray

trails Ravens 24-3, close to third quarter By the end, Cardinals head coach Cliff Kingsbury realized he needed to make a change. .. is playing the caller. Star quarterback Kyler Murray took over the headset and immediately engineered a 16-game, 74-yard touchdown from the sideline. After Arizona State took the pass from Baltimore’s next game from the scrimmage, the Cardinals scored another touchdown with their excellent field position. Suddenly, the Cardinals had only a touchdown in their preseason game against the Kings. .

“He was incensed,” Kingsbury said of Murray. “When he threw one, he was more excited than he was getting. Not sure what that was about.”

Atlanta Falcons: Marcus Mariota back for season

Marcus Mariota is Atlanta’s new starting quarterback and I think his storyline this season is underrated. The former No. 2 overall pick showed potential during his time at Tennessee, but injuries and inconsistencies opened the door for Ryan Tannehill to take over. He’s back in the starting lineup after serving as Derrick Carr’s backup in Vegas.

The Heisman Trophy winner helped the Falcons score 10 points in the first two games of Atlanta’s second preseason game, and the quarterback also connected a couple of deep passes. Mariota is in a good position with his former offensive coordinator as head coach and several former Titans teammates. Check out Monday night’s touchdown pitches:

Baltimore Ravens: Impressive quarterback play

We think Talking about rookie tight end Isaiah might make another appearance this week, but we’ve made him our mainstay last week. Apologies for accurately predicting the future. This week, let’s talk about the Ravens’ quarterback play. I’m sure the league’s general managers are interested in Tyler Huntley, and maybe it’s only a matter of time before he ends up being a starter elsewhere.

Huntley completed 13 of 14 passes for 129 yards and 1 touchdown in Week 2 while his backup Anthony Brown completed 10 of 13 passes 91 yards, 2 touchdowns and 1 interception. So overall, the Ravens completed 23 of 27 passes for 217 yards, 3 touchdowns and 1 interception. That’s impressive and a big reason why Baltimore hasn’t lost a preseason game since 2015(!)

Buffalo Bills: Khalil Sharkey Bill here

When the Bills select former Boise State wide receiver Khalil Shakir in the fifth round of the 2022 NFL Draft, CBS Sports NFL Draft Specialist Chris Trapasso gave the pick an “A” grade. Trapasso said he was special after receiving the ball and could make tough steals. Two preseason games, he did look like an “A” pick.

This weekend, Shakir caught all three targets from 59 yards — leading two teams receiving the ball. He caught all five targets for 92 yards last week — again leading his team and opponents in receiving yards. Literally every goal sent his way has been successful, and his process as receiver feels natural.

Carolina Panthers: O-Line depth/talent issues

Upgrading the offensive line is the rest of the Panthers Major priorities for the season. On paper, they were successful, as Carolina signed offensive guard Austin Corbett, center Bradley Bozeman and selected Quasi-Left with the sixth overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft Tackle Ikem Ekwanu.

It’s too early to hit the panic button as Corbett and Bozeman didn’t fit in this week and Ekwonu is a rookie still figuring this out, but at least, Carolina’s Offensive line depth doesn’t look great. PJ Walker was fired four times and rookie Matt Corral was fired once against the New England Patriots. Those stats didn’t really do justice, however, as both quarterbacks were under pressure all night. Coral even ended up suffering a season-ending injury . Hopefully, the line will look a lot better when the Panthers’ starters show up in Week 1. But if one or two of them get injured, it could completely disrupt the offense.

Chicago Bears: Special team looks special

Bears in 27-11 win over Seattle Had a perfect game for the Seahawks — winning on all three sides of the game. However, when the Bears beat the Seahawks’ return and punt, the special team certainly stood out.

Rookie Velus Jones Jr. returns 48 yards, kicks 31 yards, Nsimba Webster returns 58 yards, Cairo Santos converts on his two field goal attempts and all three bonus attempts , betting that Trenton Gill landed 4 of his 8 punts within 20 yards, and the punts covered the team and even scored a touchdown. The Bears did concede an offside kick late in the fourth quarter, but overall, it was an exceptional performance for this team.

Cincinnati Bengals: Clay Johnston will fix anything

since being beaten by LA Rams Clay Johnston has bounced back a little since being drafted in the seventh round of the 2020 NFL Draft, but he played seven games for the Bengals last year and even made a tackle in the Super Bowl. He led Cynthia to a total of six tackles against the Cardinals last week, but broke out on Sunday night.

Johnston totaled 20 tackles and one sack against the New York Giants. He was around the ball all night and was clearly a competitor.

Cleveland Browns: David Bell answers it

Browns in his first NFL action, expected Slot machines shine. Bell missed time with a foot injury, but he came back and led Cleveland with 46 yards in three catches. Even with Amari Cooper and Donovan Peoples-Jones, I think Bell can make a difference in the first year. He didn’t set the world on fire this weekend, but he looks like a player that YAC feels natural to him. Bell also appears to be someone who could work in midfield — running fast slats or drag lines to make life easier for the backup quarterback.

Dallas Cowboys: Kavontae Turpin joins

I mean, it’s easy. The Cowboys took a shot at the former New Jersey general’s USFL MVP and has paid off . On Saturday night, Kavontae Turpin recorded a 98-yard drive-back touchdown followed by an 86-yard punt return touchdown — both before halftime.

What I didn’t know about Turpin was that this was actually his first chance in the NFL. He’s not the one-, two-, or three-shot loser in training camp that many USFL players are. Indeed, a potentially rough diamond.

“He’s got energy,” Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy said. “You go back to his college days and obviously, in my opinion, he’s the best player I’ve seen in the USFL. I’ve been impressed with him from day one. He came on day one. Here, the offense is chosen to stand up and jump in. He’s very dynamic on special teams.”

Denver Broncos: Interesting tight end rotation

The Broncos’ 42-15 loss to the Bills is probably something we should forget right away because things aren’t going well in Denver. We could discuss how the ground game was absolutely pitiful (32 yards on 17 carries), but to me – it seemed to everyone – the standout was Albert Okwuegbunam’s fourth-quarter steal.

After the Noah Fant trade, many fans thought it was an opportunity for Albert O, but then the Broncos selected Greg from UCLA in the third round Dursic. Albert O is the receiving tight end, but what if Dulcich could thrive in that role once the regular season began? Can they coexist? I would also love to see how Eric Sobert and Eric Tomlinson are used.

Detroit Lions: Tom Kennedy earned his streak

Tom Kennedy could be a preseason star. He had 8 passes for 104 yards in Week 1, followed by 5 catches for 24 yards and two touchdowns this past week. Bryant’s undrafted wide receiver even earned praise from legendary wide receivers.

Kennedy, who has been with the Lions organization since 2019, was actually fit for 12 games last year. What he has accomplished so far in the preseason has undoubtedly caught the attention of Dan Campbell and the rest of the coaching staff. We need to cover him more on “Hard Knocks” this week.

Green Bay Packers: Romeo Dubs re-voiced

Rookie wide receiver Romeo Dubs is from the Packers camp Early headlines, he played well in both preseason games in Green Bay. He caught three 45-yard passes and one touchdown last week, and recorded three 24-yard receptions and one touchdown Friday night.

He’s not perfect by any means and has conceded a couple of passes, but check out this touchdown in one-on-one coverage in the red zone. It’s a game that builds confidence in the quarterback.

Christian Watson is a wide receiver the Packers hope to evolve into a legitimate starter, but Doubs will have a place on that depth chart.

“It’s not going to be perfect,” Packers coach Matt LaFleur said. “There will be some lessons along the way. He’s a very resilient guy. He doesn’t get bogged down by negative play. He just keeps playing. That’s where he gets you excited.

“He’s able to separate, it’s hard to coach. Guys either can or can’t. Sure, some things need to be cleaned up, but he’s a guy we’re excited about. We’ll see where we are in Week 1. “

Houston Texans: Dameon Pierce is already a starter

If you’re listening to Friday’s Texans – public Rams preseason, I’m not a Texans or Rams fan, I can assure you, it’s because of Damon Pierce. However, to our chagrin, the rookie running back didn’t play. Why? ?Head coach Lowe Smith said they shut him out because they saw a lot of him in the first preseason game, according to Pro Football Network. Hope I don’t have to translate what that means.

Pierce was our main takeaway from last week’s Texans, but he’s back-to-back on our list because he’s clearly been impressive, despite being with the organization for three months. He still gets a starting allowance.

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Indianapolis Colts: Don’t get past rookie Nick Cross


Cross plays safety the way it should Position. He’s tough, he’s aggressive, and whether he’s breaking a halfback check or preventing a catcher from scoring a touchdown, he’s flying to the ball. He’s actually done the latter twice now.

Cross isn’t afraid to hold his nose in the running support either. The rookie seems to be an instinctive player and looks great interest.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Amazing passing pressure

Jaguars have some players on the edge , and throwing Traven Walker into the mix is ​​just going to strengthen the top seven. The Jaguars defense directly bullied the Pittsburgh Steelers on Saturday. Defensive coordinator Mike Caldwell should be able to put several of these players in different positions to really give the quarterback an edge, I don’t want to overstate it, but the unit is definitely building a collective confidence.

Success part of last weekend Credit to the Steelers’ offensive line struggling, but if this team can catch up to the quarterback like Saturday, the Jaguars will be even better in 2022. Is “Saxonville” back? !

Kansas City Chiefs: First Team Offensive Fire

I know it’s preseason, but man, Patrick Maho James and company look good. On Kansas City’s first possession against Washington, the offense advanced for 87 yards in 12 games, and Jody Fortson caught the first of his two touchdown passes. On the next possession, the Chiefs went down again for 82 yards in 12 games, and Fortson caught his second touchdown pass.

Overall, Mahomes completed 12 of 19 passes for 162 yards and two touchdowns. People wonder if the offense will take a hit without Tyrek Hill, but I’m sure Andy Reed will be fine. Still, I’m interested in seeing what the running back rotation will look like.

LAS VEGAS Raiders: Jasper Horst Shows Off

Watching Jasper Horst last year After D’s three touchdowns in a preseason game, I wondered if the 6-foot-3, 237-pound target could not only secure a roster spot, but play a TE2 or TE3 role. He played seven games for the Bears last year and caught two passes — both for touchdowns. In fact, he actually grabbed the first passing touchdown of Justin Fields’ career. For the Raiders Saturday night, Horsted grabbed all three of his targets and led the team with a 53-yard reception.

It’s going to be very difficult for Horsted to make the final roster in the tight space in Vegas, but he’s only 25 and I can’t help but be intrigued by him.

Los Angeles Chargers: Special Team Struggle

The Chargers have the team to become one of the best offenses in the NFL this season Everything they need, they’ve also done a good job of upgrading their defense this offseason. However, special teams matter, and Los Angeles lost the preseason this weekend as a result.

KaVontae Turpin recorded an 86-yard touchdown on a punt return, a 98-yard kickback touchdown, and Malik Davis also returned 32 yards. As for the Chargers’ returners, they combined for just 35 yards on four returns.

Los Angeles Rams: Kobe Durant dunks for Rams

Names like De Kobe Durant, You basically have to be an athlete. However, Durant has been dunking on the football field, not the hardwood. He was forced into a turnover early in the game this week and recorded a sack a few minutes later. Pete Prisco of CBS Sports may be right when he says Durant is the Rams’ top pick this offseason. Kevin Durant even claimed he was family this weekend.

Miami Dolphins: Skylar Thompson Stocks Sky

Row in second preseason game, this is the Dolphins Make a big splash as a seventh-round pick at quarterback. Skylar Thompson, the only quarterback to pass for a touchdown for the Dolphins last week, completed 20 of 28 passes for 218 yards and was in the game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Touchdown once. While Tua Tagovailoa started Miami’s second preseason game against the Raiders and Teddy Bridgewater had the most passes, Thompson was still outstanding, completing 9 of 10 passes for 129 yards.

Thompson is an older rookie and is showing it to some extent. He was confident passing the ball out of the narrow window and helped fourth-round pick wide receiver Erik Ezukanma out. On Saturday night, he caught six passes for 114 yards.

Miami brought in Bridgewater to support Tagovailoa, but the Thompson kid stood out.

“53 is for 53 of the best players,” Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel said when discussing the possibility of adding three quarterbacks, according to Miami Herald . “So you’re open to anything. Sometimes it makes you look small or heavy in certain positions, but I’ve found in my career that you don’t categorize yourself and do absolutes.”

Minnesota Vikings: TY McGill’s gets momentum

Not many starters in this game, and Kellen Mond and Sean Mannion was very disappointing, and the first thing the Vikings did Monday morning was trade another quarterback . What impressed me was TY McGill. After recording two sacks last week, he totaled five tackles and 1.5 sacks this weekend.

McGill looks like he has a lot of exercise. If he doesn’t win in his initial move, he’ll keep pushing until a breakthrough.

New England Patriots: Ty Montgomery to replace James White?

Tribute to CBS Sports’ Tyler Sullivan. With White retiring, it could be Ty Montgomery who takes over as Bill Belichick’s offense. Yes, Damien Harris and Rhamondre Stevenson will handle most carries, but the versatile running back/wide receiver can play Mac Jones’ checker role. Against the Panthers this weekend, Montgomery received five yards, four rushes for 13 yards and a touchdown.

Montgomery has long been seen as an interesting weapon, but it doesn’t feel like he’s really “unlocked” though. The former Packers had his best season in 2016, when he racked up 805 yards and three touchdowns in scrimmages while playing mostly as a running back.

New Orleans Saints: Taysom Tight

Well known, quarterback/special team The star/wide receiver has been out for months and will focus on the Saints going forward tensions. We got our first taste of that on Friday night when Tyson Hill caught a 10-yard screen pass from Ian Booker.

Getting a quick, nimble player to dribble in space is something every coach focuses on, and it’s a great example of what Hill can do for this offense. He won’t be the focal point for Alvin Kamara, Michael Thomas, Jarvis Landry and Chris Olaf, but this secret weapon running in the tight end will make for some great games.

New York Giants: Rock Bachman

Preseason usually gets worse over time, but We saw the Giants and Bengals score 24 points in the fourth quarter. Kayvon Thibodeaux avoided serious injury and Davis Webb plotted a comeback, but the star of the game was Alex Bachman.

The Wake Forest product completed 11 passes for 122 yards and 2 touchdowns — including the game’s winner. I know we get to see these random preseason heroes every year, but Brian Daboll must be interested in this weapon. He finds a way to open, he doesn’t go down easily, and he seems to have a keen eye for the end zone. I’m not saying I’ll put Bachmann in the starting lineup, but I’ll be watching him more closely.

NEW YORK Jets: Secondary fight

Jets’ bench beat Hunter Monday in rainy New York The Hawks, made a nice comeback on the night, but the way the game started was ugly. Atlanta’s weapons fell behind New York Middle School due to miscommunication, and then it was just the defensemen struggling with their assignments.

Cornerback Bryce Hall was having a rough night fighting for steals. He gave up a touchdown and gave Kyle Pitts a 52-yard advantage on the first drive of the game. Pitts later said Hall was “terrified” at the game.

Anthony Filkerser also had a couple of runaways, catching a 39-yard pass on the second drive of the game, then a 17-yard finish early in the second quarter. In all, three different Falcon receivers recorded at least 34 yards of reception. Sauce Gardner wasn’t drafted and DJ Reed didn’t play, but overall it was a tough night for the Jets’ middle school as Marcus Mariota and Desmond Ridder both looked good.

Philadelphia Eagles: Hawks are doing well on RB

Eagles fans seem to have been pushing to trade Kareem Hunter, but I think Sunday showed us that the Eagles didn’t die for another run back. Kenneth Gainwell rushed for 46 yards and 11 touchdowns, and Boston Scott rushed for 33 yards and 10 touchdowns. Perhaps more importantly, both sparked offense on every touchdown.

I think Miles Sanders is underrated, Gainwell could jump ship in Year 2, and Scott has proven himself worthy of a roster over the past few years. Obviously adding someone like Hunter would improve any offense, but the Hawks don’t have to.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Disappointing offensive line

The Steelers are trying to improve their offensive line this offseason, signing Down offensive linebacker James Daniels and center Mason Cole. But against the Jaguars last weekend, the line looked very rough.

This is how CBS Sports’ Bryan DeArdo explained it:

“Though they only allow two sacks , but Pittsburgh’s offense struggled with Jacksonville’s defense. Starter Mitchell Trubisky was fired once and forced to escape on two other passes. Against James Daniels A James Daniels wait order from Kenny Pickett to Chase Claypool’s 19-yard finish put out Pickett’s 1st after replacing Trubisky A kickoff. Mason Rudolph, who played the entire second half, was called to an intentional touchdown in the end zone (leading to safety) after the Jaguars’ pass rush hurt the Steelers’ defense again.

“It was a particularly tough night for Daniels, left tackle Dan Moore Jr. and left guard Kendrick Green. Green described Saturday night’s performance as “not good” in an interview with the media. “

After that game, the Steelers signed offensive tackle Adrian Erie and waived tackle Jordan Tucker. If the line doesn’t work out, four Shooting backs can’t find the rhythm, and Naji Harris won’t be as effective. Stay tuned.

San Francisco 49ers: Javon Kinlaw is back…hope

Javon Kinlaw only played four games last year with a knee injury, but he has now recovered from surgery and is back in action. He looks faster and is as strong as ever. South Carolina The state product recorded several bright spots against the poor Vikings guard assigned to stop him. Kinlaw recorded a sack and had a couple of pressures.

If Kinlaw can stay healthy, That’s going to be huge for the 49ers defense. He looked great last weekend and later told reporters he had fun again, according to Fangirl Sports.

Seattle Seahawks: Charles Cross struggles in penalty shootout

We can talk about how Gino Smith can’t escape at quarterback or Seattle What a terrible defensive punt to look like, but let’s take a look at the Seahawks’ first-round pick. Seattle committed five offensive penalties in a first-half loss to Chicago. Kroos was in charge of four of those games , three turnovers, one free throw. However, he wasn’t done yet, as he got another false start penalty in the third quarter for his fifth and final flag.

Hit Left tackle – especially as a rookie – is tough. Kroos has all the intangibles to be a franchise player, but if he’s been drawing the flag, he’s not going to do that.

“It’s not going to haunt him forever,” Carroll said via ESPN after Seattle’s loss to Chicago. “We just went to let him clean up and settle in and make sure that in every situation, he Can make correct assessments and do well. “

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Olakunle Fatukasi stands out

Buccaneers saw another offensive lineman go down with a serious injury this weekend Next, while this is something Todd Powers has to address, let’s discuss something positive.

Start trying to say his name because Olakunle Fatukasi is probably here to stay. The Bucs’ inside linebacker is deadlocked, but if the man is waived, he’ll have some suitors. Rutgers’ undrafted linebacker led Saturday night’s Bucs with 10 total tackles, 1.5 sacks and two tackles Ball failed. Containing Malik Willis was a tough job, but Fatukasi was solid. He looked pretty well rounded and played aggressively.

“He’s smart and tough, “He’s the guy we’re looking at,” Powers said. Look what he did on the [special] team. Obviously, that’s another fight point between him and JJ [Russell] and Grant [Stuart] and KJ [Britt] that we’re looking at. He made his presence known, he made his presence felt, we just have to watch the tape. “

Tennessee Titans: Open Right Tackle

Two vacancies on Titans offensive line heading into training camp : Left guard and right tackle. Aaron Brewer looks to control the left guard spot, but the right tackle spot now appears to be a

2021 second-round pick from North Dakota State Dillon Ladenz, who played only 12 games in his rookie season, started one of them. As a relatively high draft pick, many envision him as a player who could start on the offensive line for years to come. But he keeps earning Zha, now in a positional battle with rookie Nicolas Pettit-Freer.

Both players had their entire preseason hit and miss, but Saturday night brought some lows for Ladens. He was tagged twice in the first half and gave up several pressures. It’s worth noting that Osama bin Laden is a solid run-blocker, but he still has a lot of work to do in pass-blocking.

If Ladenz can’t keep the job, is rookie Pettit Freer ready to bring something to one of the best rushing offenses in the league? Mike Vrabel had to make a decision.

Commander Washington: This is for you, Brian Robinson

When Washington picked Robinson, I knew I Not the only one who thinks this means danger for Antonio Gibson. Last year, the versatile weapon was sometimes put on the bench due to turnover issues, which opened the door for another player. Gibson actually fumbled in his first preseason game against the Panthers, and Robinson came on and he hit the touchdown on his next possession. Robinson started Saturday’s game against the Chiefs and led the team with 31 yards on eight carries. Gibson only rushed for 3 yards twice.

When Washington drafted Gibson, I envisioned him as the new receiver. No matter what happens at running back, Gibson can still play a role in this offense. That being said, to be fair or not, his fantasy stock fell over the weekend.



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