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2022 Red Bull Imagination to host ten leading freestyle motocross riders

For the third year, Red Bull Imagination has committed to maintaining its integrity and continuing its mission to advance the sport of freestyle motocross. Ten new and returning drivers will compete in the evolution of the 2022 event’s bespoke “playground” course. These ten drivers bring immeasurable talent to Red Bull Imagination and will showcase their impressive skills, taste and creativity over the four days of the event. Along with Red Bull Imagination founder Tyler Bereman, returning drivers Josh Hill, Vicki Golden and Axell Hodges will defend the title. Joining all the action for the first time is rookie driver Guillem Navas, who recently impressed with his debut X Games appearance, Julien Vanstippen and more.

Rest assured, as the class continues to change in a way that demeans prior years of prior knowledge, returning riders will not have an advantage over rookies. Best described as a life-size video game at this point, it will have more options such as blade transfers in the “technical boom section,” a snowboard-style spine for opening new lines, and expandable options to make Courses become as simple or as complex as the rider sees fit. Plus, giant jumps, 150-foot tree jumps, and lunar steering will require technical prowess, creativity, and downright finesse.

Returning drivers for Red Bull Imagination 2022 are:

  • Red Bull Imagination dreamer, presenter and 10-time X Games MedalistTyler Bereman
  • 2022 X Games Gold Medalist, 12 X Games Total ChampionAxell Hodges
  • 2022 X Games “Best Whip” Gold Medalist, Six Times X Games Overall Medalist Tom Parsons
  • Four X Games Medals Winner and World Record Holder Vicki Golden
  • Twice X Games Medalist and current freestyle motocross rider Josh Hill
  • 2022 Hill Jam ‘Best Whip’ Champion freerider Christian Dresser

Riders bringing their style and skills to Fort Scott for the first time:

  • 2022 X Games Quarterpipe Medalists Guillem Navas
  • Two-time X Games Medalist Julien Vanstippen
  • X Games Participant Kordani
  • Farm Jam New Zealand Driver Best StyleLewi Woods

2022 courses will be available for the first time Expanded features and new concepts that continue to move beyond the confines of racing and traditional freestyle motocross. The class is brought to life by Bereman and Jason Baker of Dream Traxx, who have a seemingly limitless vision of how to create a space for riders to advance the sport. As Bereman described it after the 2021 race, “[Red Bull Imagination] is a huge work in progress. We learn as we go and we will continue to push free riders in the right direction, providing riders with what they can do in other Opportunities not available anywhere.”

Judging criteria for 2021 are based on size, creativity, execution and a driver’s overall performance on race day. The legendary jury includes Robbie Maddison, Jeremy ‘Twitch’ Stenberg, Steve Haughelstine and Ronnie Faisst. Riders will have two three-minute windows to “wow” the judges, and the best single-stroke score will count towards their overall result. The contest will be reviewed by Jason Weigandt and Jeff Emig on Saturday, September 17th.

All action will debut on ESPN2 and ESPN+ on September 25th in a one-hour show from 5:00 to 6:00 PM ET. Live tickets are still available at Prices start at $65 for adults and $30 for children. Red Bull Imagination 2022 is supported by Bereman’s partners Fasthouse and 805.

Visit for all the activities/imaginations from last year’s Red Bull Imagination.



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