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2022 US Open Rafael Nadal vs Francis Tiafo: Live Scores and Latest Updates

Frances Tiafoe hits a backhand during the third set of his US Open clash with Rafael Nadal - Rafael Nadal vs Frances Tiafoe, US Open 2022: live score and latest updates - SHUTTERSTOCK

Francis Tiafo hits backhand in third set of US Open vs Rafael Nadal – Rafael Nadal v Francis Tia Fu, US Open 2022: Live Scores and Latest Updates – SHUTTERSTOCK

  • Tiafoe went 6- in the first set 4 defeated the low-key Nadal

  • Nadal responded by winning the second game 6-4

  • The Americans regained the lead in the third inning, 6-4

  • WATCH: Nadal bleeds nose after hitting himself with racket

  • Spaniard hunts 23rd Grand Slam singles title

    10:30 PM Roof Time

    Roof Arthur Ashe Stadium in progress .

    Although the game will not stop.

    10:29 PMRafael Nadal 4-6 6-4 4-6 2-1 Frances Tiafoemeans next server)

    Nadal’s second serve was excellent. He took some big chances but mostly paid off as he reached 40-0

    until he double-faulted there. classic. Ace finished the game.

    10:25 PMRafael Nadal4-6 6-4 4 -6 1-1 Francis Tiafoe means next server)

    Tiafoe played very well here Great, and chased the score to 40-15 with a beautiful volley. It’s really top notch.

    Then the 24-year-old ace and another easy hold

    10:22 PM

    Rafael Nadal 4-6 6-4 4-6 1-0 Francis Tiafoemeans next server)

    So far, Tiafoe’s ability to play alongside Nadal in the backcourt has been excellent. He’s actually fared better in most of these exchanges.

    Tiafoe got a golden opportunity to pass the ball wide for 0-30.

    And then the unbelievable bit is Nadal, Tiafoe got two balls back and he had absolutely no business to do until Nadal let him go.

    Oh, it was a mistake by Nadal because his goal was cheap and Thiafo had an early chance of a break point.

    Nadal’s second serve saved the break point and returned to the tie. Nadal’s two big points followed.

    Key controls.

    10:14 PMBreak time

    After the third set, both players had a good rest.

    They are back now. The referee called the time.

    The fourth set is about to start.

    10:07 PMRafael Nadal4-6 6-4 4-6 0-0 Frances Tiafoe means next server)

    A double misunderstanding opens the game. swallow. Francis doesn’t want to show any nervousness right now.

    His comeback was excellent, and the serve from the middle gave Nadal no chance.

    Now it’s Nadal’s turn to misjudge as the Spaniard is frustrated by Thiafoe’s mistake.

    Oh wow. Tiafoe arguably brought three sets with his shot in the match, a forehand winner that started with a heavy Nadal forehand.

    trump card. This is Tiafoe’s third group.

    10:01 PM Rafael Nadal 4-6 6-4 4-5 Francis Tia Fumeans next server)

    Nadal gave up after letting Tiafoe finish easily Grab his towel. 15-15.

    Thiafoe then went far on his next return before Nadal created a superb score to finish with a backhand winner to end with 40-15.

    Nadal holds the ball. Tiafoe will have to provide this.

    09:57 PM Rafael Nadal4-6 6-4 3-5 Francis Tiafoe means NEXT SERVER)

    Nadal incredibly scrambled to keep himself at this point and got Tiafoe bug reward.

    Ace at 132 mph. 135 mph. To be fair, they still get hit when they talk about Frances Tiafoe.

    Next on the other end of the spectrum, a delicate shot found the mark, it was two inning points Tiafoe.

    Nadal pulled one back with a huge comeback, but then Tiafoe surprised the Spaniard with a serve and a volley. Hold

    09:53 PM Rain in the area

    Wet weather is expected to hit Flushing Meadows over the next hour.

    We can do this under the roof.

    09:52 PMRafael Nadal 4-6 6-4 3-4 Francis Tiafoemeans NEXT SERVER)

    Thiafo opens the game with a pass from inches away, but Nadal then doubles error.

    Another mistake Nadal took us to 30-30, a silver lining for Tiafoe.

    But now it’s not just a glimmer of light. The penalty shot brought another Nadal error, which was a break point.

    He got it! A backhand winner wrestled with Tiafoe offline to control the collection.

    09:45 PMRafael Nadal4-6 6-4 3 -3 Frances Tiafoe (*Indicates next serve)

    Nadal’s return is not the best of the day yet, but he seems to be found more.

    Tiafoe responded well, matching Nadal’s depth to his own excellent court position as he reached 40-15.

    Master. 138 mph. Wow. Keep.

    09:39 PMRafael Nadal 4-6 6 -4 3-2 Francis Tiafoemeans next server)

    Tiafoe at 15-15 Sensing an opportunity, he tried to pick up the pace, but Nadal took control of the rebound and raced through that.

    Nadal has two points, he only needs one.

    He looks better and better here.

    09:35 PMRafael Nadal4-6 6-4 2 -2 Francis Tiafoe means next server)

    Tiafoe absorbed Nadal some hard hits and got a cushion at 30-0. Nadal then took what looked weak from Thiafoe’s second serve.

    However, that forehand was not weak. Tiafoe couldn’t come close to Nadal’s reaction to his 132mph serve.

    Then Tiafoe fumbled, 40-30, but he then bounced back and held.

    09:31 PM Rafael Nadal 4-6 6-4 2-1 Francis Tiafoemeans NEXT SERVER)

    Tiafoe’s frustration was palpable as the backhand found the net and pushed Nadal Brought to 30-15.

    Soon 40-15, Nadal made an amazing forehand against Tiafoe’s backhand.

    Nadal finished the rest of the game and held on

    09:27 PM Rafael Nadal4-6 6-4 1-1 Frances Tiafoe (*indicates next server)

    It was a good start for Tiafoe, who slammed one of his threes to quickly lead 40-0.

    The forehand winning ball ends the game. Good stuff from Tiafoe.

    09:25 PM Rafael Nadal 4-6 6-4 1-0 Francis Tia Fumeans next server)

    The third set starts, Nadal’s easy love starts, now I feel like his momentum is very good.

    Tiafoe now needs to keep his serve.

    09:22 PMHe found a way

    Not quite sure how Nadal did it. There was something odd about his game in that game, but it ultimately proved his greatness and he’s gotten rid of it.

    Maybe Tiafoe needs to be more active in finding an early rest.

    Third time.

    09:20 PMRafael Nadal4-6 6-4 Frances Tiafoe means down A server)

    Nadal’s door is open here. Thiafoe let a ball he thought was a touchline, but it blocked the bottom line and we were 15-30. Tiafoe.

    The Americans saved the first and found some evil angles that Nadal didn’t react to.

    But it was a double mistake that was Rafael Nadal’s second set.

    The game is important

    09:14 PMRafael Nadal 4-6 5-4 Frances Tiafoe(*means next server)

    Tiafoe nearly quits Nadal’s spiking miracle, but is right Hand batting but powerless Tiafoe’s hopes are alive. Then Team USA’s big forehand winner gave us a 40-30 lead — can he do that?

    Double wrong! Now it’s a draw, which is a real chance for Tiafoe to end the game.

    But it was a mistake, forcing the backhand cross to fly wide – Nadal’s advantage.

    Match Nadal – superb forehand and Tiafoe must now serve to stay in this group.

    09:07 PMRafael Nadal4-6 4-4 Frances Tiafoe means next server)

    More struggles for Nadal to return to serve, Tiafoe leads 40-0 with no real pressure .

    Easy to keep.

    09:05 PM

    Rafael Nadal 4-6 4-3 Francis Tiafomeans NEXT SERVER)

    Tiafo scores in the seventh game of the first set , but Nadal has unequivocally refused to allow that to happen again.

    Spaniard, he has only dropped two points in this set so far.

    Ca When he returned, he found a similar form? So far, he hasn’t had a break point, and his first serve percentage is just 43 percent. The number of serves in game history.

    09:00 PMRafael Nadal4-6 3-3 Francis Tiafoe(*Indicates next server)

    Nadal’s forehand error after leading 0-15 — For a player his ability in the backcourt.

    This was followed by another miss – this time a backhand – that gave Tiafoe a 30-15 lead.

    The Americans then created an amazing backhand winner and an even better forehand winner in the crosscourt. clinical.

    08:56 PMRafael Nadal 4-6 3 -2 Francis Tiafomeans next server)

    Now it’s Nadal’s turn with a 40- 0 up, but there was no love left after Tiafoe’s beautiful ball-block return won.

    Thiafoe made a mistake on the next point and Nadal kept it.

    08:53 PM Rafael Nadal 4-6 2-2 Frances Tiafoe means next server)

    Tiafoe led 40-0 again and Nadal couldn’t master the American’s serve.

    Forehand winner. Keep.

    Whether it’s Nadal’s body or Thiafo’s consistency (probably a combination of the two), some things just don’t work for the greats.

    08:49 PM Rafael Nadal 4-6 2-1 Francis Tiafomeans down a server)

    Tiafoe with a big smile on her face after a full-scale rally win – lob Shooting…a lot.

    However, Nadal maintained control of the game, reaching 40-15 before a big one-two punch locked in.

    He looks a little loose now.The serve looks bigger and the fist pump is back…..

    08:44 PM

    Raphael · Nadal4-6 1-1 Francis Tiafoe means next server)

    So far, Tiafoe has been out of courage on this server, he holds it very easily .

    Of course the Americans are not leaving here. Sooner or later Nadal will grab the back of the neck.

    08:40 PM Rafael Nadal 4-6 1 -0 Frances Tiafoemeans next server)

    Nadal started fast and ended with 40-0 lead and then with ease.

    He jogged into the chair after that, probably sending a feel-good message to Tiafoe and all of us.

    Time will prove everything.

    08:36 PM Odd Delay

    Nadal has been off the court for more than eight minutes. Is this a medical suspension?

    Tiafoe complains after a long break. Nothing visibly changed for Nadal – straps etc.

    He will serve first.

    08:33 PM credit for due credit

    None of this should take credit for Tiafoe, who has brought a level of explosiveness to the game that Nadal found really difficult to handle.

    No doubt he’s in the box seat here and has a seat line in the quarterfinals.

    08:32 PM

    Nadal’s wonderful work

    Not sure if Nadal has a problem here. He just doesn’t look smooth and his tactics look odd – serve volleys instead of chasing the seemingly easy ball… which doesn’t seem right.

    He left the court with his bag and a physio in between sets, suggesting something was causing him trouble.

    We know his serve is limited by an abdominal injury, but it’s unclear if that’s slowing him down here.

    08:28 PM Rafael Nadal4-6 0-0 Francis ·Tiafo indicates next server)

    Tiafo leads 40-0 on serve, But missed his first chance with a second serve into the net.

    Nadal tried to get it back 40-30, but it wasn’t enough. A powerful hit from the American created an easy volley.

    This is Tiafoe’s first set.

    08:22 PM
    Rafael Nadal 4-5 Frances Tiafoemeans next server)

    oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh Tiafoe’s course. Nadal had a 30-15 lead, but then his serve backhand pulled away at Thiavle and came across an untouchable backhand winner.

    By the way, the sweat on Ashe due to the humidity is something else. Both players were dripping – no exaggeration.

    08:17 PMRafael Nadal3-5 Frances Tiafoe means next server)

    A caddie going from Tiafoe to body at 134 mph without even a grimace – fair play mate.

    Back on the field, Tiafoe was under pressure at 0-30.

    But after Nadal made a mistake, he responded with a great pair position for the forehand winner to get himself into the match point.

    Nadal countered, a well-positioned lob allowed Tiafoe to stretch, and the Spaniard gave up the follow-up with ease.

    Ace, then Nadal champion, then Tiafoe champion – both players breathless.

    Tiafoe insists. The American really showed his abilities here.

    08:07 PM Rafael Nadal 3-4 Francis Tiafomeans next server )

    When Tiafoe faced the second serve, Nadal gave Nadal a 0-30 Dahl pressured.

    But then his backhand shot miserably wide before scoring a straight backhand. We were up 30-30.

    But it was Nadal’s turn to make a mistake and Tiafoe had the chance to get the first break point of the match.

    Nadal runs! Tiafoe rest!

    08:00 PMRafael Nadal3-3 Frances Tiafoe means next server)

    Wow. That’s old-fashioned Nadal. A big forehand pushed Tiafoe wide and the Spaniard ended it with a vicious winner.

    Tiafoe goes to match point, but Nadal’s brilliant comeback leaves us evenly divided. Oh wow….138mph tee. It was delicious to Tiafoe, and he took it.

    07:54 PMRafael Nadal 3-2 Frances Tiafoemeans next server)

    Nadal was so good he took advantage of Tiafoe and stabbed his backhand behind a poorly positioned approach. .

    The Spaniard led 40-15, but a long backhand pass caught Tiafou.

    It’s nothing to say, Nadal insisted.

    07:50 PM Rafael Nadal2-2 Francis Tiafoe means down A server)

    Nadal opens with a beautiful forehand winner, Arthur Ashe sends it out in the crowd “woohoo” sound.

    Tiafoe scored the next two points, but then scored in his hands at 30-15.

    The 135mph ace is a pretty decent response, and the setting holds up.

    07:45 PMRafael Nadal 2-1 Francis Tiafomeans down A server)

    Nadal’s quick one-two punch puts him up 30-0, but Tiafoe In response, he pressed Nadal to the side of his backhand and calmly volleyed.

    There is no danger for the 22-time champion, who holds it with ease.

    07:41 PMRaphael Nadal1-1 Frances Tiafoe means next server)

    Tiafoe got off to a good start, forcing Nadal into a count error.

    The persistence of love. Americans’ positive opening service game.

    07:38 PMFirst set: Rafael Nadal 1-0 Francis Tiafomeans next server)

    Nadal had a mixed start. An ace followed by a bad forehand and a double fault.

    But he responded well. Two straight points. The boat is set up.

    07:33 PM

    show time

    Nadal serves. here. us. go.

    07:30 PMTough conditions for players

    The humidity in Flushing Meadows was almost 100% this afternoon. With that in mind, handling conditions can be as important as actually passing the ball over the net.

    Nadal is completely used to playing in hot conditions, but such humidity is rare in Europe. Could this give Tiafoe an advantage?

    07:27 PM Nadal wins

  • He Will serve first

    07:26 PMThe contestants are here

    When players show up in front of a crowded Ash Ash, their reaction is huge.

    07:06 PMWelcome to Arthur Ashe

    Rafael Nadal returns tonight at the U.S. Open with a fourth-round match against U.S. 22nd seed Francis Tiafoe. His opening three games will be very good for overtaking the admittedly dynamic Thiafo here. Victories over Richard Gasquet, Fabio Fognini and Linky Earthquake have been a pretty economical move for Nadal, who appears to be dealing with a warm spell from an abdominal injury. Limits for net tournaments to end abruptly at the semi-final stage.

    New toss and slower serve to heal the injury, but does that get Tiafoe into the game?

    In its current form, betting against Nadal at Flushing Meadows takes a brave man as he looks for a third Grand Slam title of the season and A record number 23.

    At Tiafoe, however, he faces an interesting opponent who will have home support despite Nadal being a New York fan favorite.

    The 24-year-old is having a breakout season in 2022 that will see him break into the world’s top 25 for the first time. His performance in the tournament so far has done little to quell expectations, winning three sets in a row including a knockout of Argentina’s 14th seed Diego Schwarzman. in the quarterfinals.



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