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2023 Dodge Hornet crossover unveiled with PHEV power and a sub-$30,000 price tag

Dodge Hornet

Dodge Hornet Dodge

Dodge has announced its first electric performance car, and you can get one for less than $30,000. The 2023 Hornet will come in two different models – the Dodge Hornet R/T and the Dodge Hornet GT. According to the manufacturer, both models offer class-leading performance and provide a gateway to enthusiasts eager to join the so-called Dodge muscle fraternity. The Hornet GT is probably the fastest entry-level utility vehicle out there, with a 0-60 mph time of just 6.5 seconds. Despite its speed, it’s beaten by its sibling, the R/T, which can hit the 60 mph mark in 6.1 seconds thanks to its electric powertrain. In a statement about the launch, Dodge’s Tim Kuniskis said : “The Dodge Hornet is poised to rock the mainstream compact utility vehicle market with its look and feel. The Hornet features aggressive Dodge styling, the most powerful power in our multi-energy lineup, the best driving dynamics, and a full range of segments. Market-exclusive performance features, best-of-breed standard technology change the status quo, and available Direct Connection factory-backed performance upgrades. And that’s just the beginning of the Dodge brand’s electrification journey.”

Beyond sheer performance, Dodge offers some cutting-edge optional extras if you want to get past the $30,000 mark . While it’s not a fully self-driving car, the tech package has “level 2 autonomy,” according to the automaker. This includes traffic sign recognition, driver fatigue detection, lane control and speed assist for traffic jam assist. The tech that comes standard is also impressive. Dodge includes rain-sensing wipers, emergency brake assist, and blind-spot detection as standard.

Two power systems are available


If you want to save money at the gas station For the money, the Dodge Hornet R/T offers 30 miles of all-electric range and the economy this fuel hybrid offers. The battery can be charged at any charging station, hence the “plug-in” part of a plug-in hybrid. The car’s 1.3-liter engine is capable of producing more than 285 horsepower and 383 lb-ft of torque when running in tandem with the electric motor. This makes it the most powerful hybrid utility vehicle on the market. All of this power is delivered through a six-speed automatic transmission, and there are several driving modes available depending on your style and needs.

Powershot function by holding down the shift paddle and performing a pedal downshift Activation, unique to R/T. It delivers 25 horsepower, giving you instant access to every bit of drivetrain torque, so it’s perfect for when you need a quick start. Powershot can be activated in Sport mode, a setting that increases throttle, optimizes shifting and trades economy for raw performance. There’s also a hybrid mode, an all-electric mode, and a power saving mode.

If you are the type who only drives a normal gasoline powered car people, then you’re not left out – that’s what the Hornet GT is all about. It has a turbocharged 2-liter inline-4 engine capable of producing over 295 pound-feet of torque. All this through a nine-speed electronic transmission. Like its semi-electric sibling, the GT includes a Sport mode for when you really want a boost in performance. Both cars also come standard with all-wheel drive, although the R/T’s is a little better, as it can power all four wheels independently.

The style that matches the performance


As you’d expect from such a powerful car, its lines are engineered for a muscular look. The front of this car looks a little angrier, with a mail slot grille and some very thin headlights. Air vents have been integrated into the hood, which helps improve performance and adds a sporty look to the car’s exterior. The logo is also illuminated so people can see what you’re driving in any lighting condition. There is also a dual exhaust at the rear, which integrates nicely with other sporty features.

Standard R/T will be on 18″ Graphite Grey alloy Wheels are rounded, while the GT gets 17-inch alloys. Multiple wheel options are available as optional accessories. Bumblebee offers a staggering seven shades, and the name seems to have gone into quite a bit of effort — there’s even an obvious “Zoolander” reference. Buyers can choose from Acapulco Gold, Blu Bayou, Blue Steele, Gray Cray, Hot Tamale, Q Ball and 8 Ball.

The interior is designed with the driver in mind, although not a McLaren F1 a feeling of. You’re still on the left, but the dashboard has been subtly tilted towards the person behind the wheel. A “wrapped and stitched mid-pad” has also been added to increase the visual width of the panels. In addition to the ignition button, many car controls are placed on the uniquely shaped steering wheel. This dominates the center console. The Dodge Hornet GT will begin taking orders on August 17, 2022, the Hornet GT will arrive in dealerships in December 2022, and the Hornet R/T will arrive in showrooms in spring 2023. No word yet on when Hornet R will start taking orders/T.



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