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2023 Early Fall Interior Design

There’s nothing glamorous or romantic about late July in New York City. It’s hot, it smells like crap, and anything you’re wearing will be soaked in sweat if you don’t go outside for two seconds. Interior’s Lily Miesmer and Jack Miner are familiar with this, so they designed their pre-fall (aka mid-summer) collection around dressing for those days when you’d rather wear nothing at all. It’s a bit of a departure from the “female on the verge of collapse” aesthetic they’ve established since launching the brand in 2021, although “on the verge of collapse” is an apt description for any time spent on a NYC subway platform degree day people.

For the most part, everything is designed to be light and airy, or at least give the impression of being light and airy. Cotton poplin pajama pants with a matching V-neck shirt. Two pairs of boxer briefs appeared in the collection, one in white cotton and the other in white lace; a light gray chiffon dress (looked like washed, half-ruined chiffon, not picture perfect, special occasion The chiffon) is like a sheet that wraps around the body, almost like a towel. Beaded mesh evening gowns — an early hallmark of the label — came in a lighter shade of gray. The bubble hem mini dress is so breezy and looks ready to pop.

Even though the entire collection was see-through, Interior was consciously designed for women who would be in the city all summer, with jobs that might require them to be covered. Hence, two suits – one in tan and one in teal. The tan shirt has buttoned cuffs and hem to give the illusion of a dress shirt. Worry less.



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