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2023 Early Fall Region

For Pre-Fall, Area’s Piotrek Panszczyk had butterflies in mind, even though he “kind of hates them.” His aversion to these critters is what makes them so appealing. “I like to dig into things that aren’t personal to me and make them my own.

s-Mariah Carey-Salma Hayek way,” he said on Zoom, which The designer added, referring to the dazzling outing tops worn by stars that have since become a cultural touchpoint for Generation Z. “So I was thinking, how can we really change the script, you know, especially when it’s taking off from the last runway, it’s kind of moody.” While there’s a dazzling butterfly-shaped outing top for the girls, it’s For much of the series, Panszczyk and the Area team explored new territories. A cropped black blazer with contrasting white oversized lapels captures the silhouette of an abstract butterfly, while another button-down blazer with two appliquéd white butterflies (which can also serve as a bow) anchored the collection. keynote. It’s fun, but serious. for a lady. Even with this jacket paired with a high-cut black bikini top.

Panszczyk has a knack for standing out in all the different business categories for which Area is known for his unique style, making clothes look like fashion-forward products rather than an afterthought . For example, for a tracksuit, a black t-shirt with a butterfly cutout in the center with beige trim is paired with matching leggings that also have a butterfly cutout on the upper thigh. “We did a lot of fittings to get the cut right,” the designer said with a smile of the skin-exposing garments.

This season’s denim styles are some of the best in the Area. Pieces made from raw Japanese denim feature cutouts and butterfly appliqués from the same fabric; a small denim jacket, bustier miniskirt and miniskirt are printed in purple, pink, white and black on a green base Stunning hand-painted butterfly print 11 background with crystal butterflies. Finally, a slightly longer four-button single-breasted jacket, paired with a pair of very narrow jeans trimmed just below the ankle, in a powder blue wash denim with crystal embroidered “moth holes.” “We were thinking, ‘What if the night was a butterfly? What if it was a moth?'” Panszczyk explained.

The breadth of this research is also reflected in a series of colorblock interlock jersey pieces, notably a long gown with a cutout at the chest, plus shoulders and Playful circular cutout at knees. They start off “looking at the antlers of a butterfly” and move on to “70 geometric jewels and stuff” and end up with “a Stephen Burrows kind of psychedelic feeling” . Even without all the 3D architectural details that have become Area’s trademark, Panszczyk seems to have had as much fun with body design as it does.



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