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2024 Resort Trends Report: Capes swirl, ruffles change, waists take center stage

Am I the only one who thinks the preseason is getting more chaotic every year? There isn’t even an industry standard for citing them. The resort is synonymous with cruises and pre-spring. On top of that, some designers chose to show pre-fall collections when resorts usually show. I mean…

The historical context provides some guidance for trying to sort out this mess. As F. Scott Fitzgerald pointed out: “Let me tell you about the very rich. They’re not like you or me.” Led by a handful of wealthy women who were members of the laid-back café society (predecessor to the jet plane), many of them owned multiple homes in various climates, or were sure to travel if not. Designers cater to this “smart scene”. The December and January issues of Vogue are dedicated to these issues, featuring “North and South Fashion,” “Southern Fashion and Winter Sports,” “Hot Weather Fashion ” and “Midwinter Travel.”

Fashion has always been aspirational, but it hasn’t always been global or inclusive. The industry retains terminology associated with the Old World, At the same time, with technological advances (such as air conditioning and central heating, not just marketing) and climate change, expanding its geographic reach and customer base. It turns out that fashion weeks are not only always held somewhere, but that designers Also addressing a worldwide audience, nearly all weathers come together at the same time. The result is a resort that is not always light-hearted but associated with sand, blue sky and sea, but also offers room for holiday parties and slope style.

Then there is the issue of retail. These pre-sale collections spend the longest time in the sales halls, but are not yet on the market, so they can’t be too trendy, but still have to generate a lot of buzz. For this, luxury brands have Started holding fashion shows on the road. Clients used to travel a lot, and now brands go where typical clients of yesteryear might have been.

I found my way out of this maze using a musical metaphor, bringing the upfront The series has been compared to a greatest hits album, or an LP with bonus tracks. Some brands, like bands, have even gone on tour: Gucci to Seoul, Chanel to Los Angeles, Max Mara to Stockholm, Louis Vuitton to Isola Bella, Italy. Many Designers have told me they’ve revisited bestsellers or developed resort ideas further, and let’s face it, when you go to a concert, you sometimes want to hear classics, and more, than new material .



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