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23 Rare Photos of Audrey Hepburn From the Condé Nast Archives

Andrews landed the role on Broadway, winning hearts and critics in the process. So when Hepburn starred in a My Fair Lady feature film adaptation, it was sort of a scandal in Hollywood. The media took great pleasure in pitting these two actors against each other. Hepburn, once thought of as a girl with graceful eyes beyond her years, was now thought to be up for the role from the untrained hands of Andrews (who hadn’t yet made it to the big screen). But what exactly is making reporters dizzy? In fact, despite Andrews’ incredible voice, Hepburn’s intoxicating talent stalled when it came to singing.

So when Vogue asked Beaton to photograph Hepburn in a series of looks that would complement his film, he Got the job done for him…or did he? Here, seen as a tiny head poking out of organza mille-feuille, or a fashion plate in a Boiret-style suit cinched below the hips, Hepburn fits the role brilliantly. (The artist and muse were already familiar: Beaton had been photographing Hepburn for over a decade in the early 1960s.)

The circa1912 context of the movie is that hats are an essential accessory; each of the dozen or so photographs Beaton has taken shows a hat of his own creation. “He makes you look the way you’ve always wanted,” Hepburn told Vogue

Beaton. “I love hats; they always seem to be in motion… This dress becomes the stem of the hat. Cecil Beaton’s dress is like a carved statue – like Pygmalion The same.” 1960196019601912



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