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23 Waterproof Sex Toys for Incredible Shower Sex

FUN FACT: Many — and we mean a lot — sex toys are waterproof. They are 100% submersible and able to be soaked without shorting out. The best waterproof sex toys offer plenty of fun while warding off moisture—and there are plenty of them. Whether you’re looking for faceted vibrators, clitoral stimulators, cock rings, anal beads, finger vibrators, dildos, or just about any other sex toy imaginable, you’ll find waterproof ones.

What is a waterproof sex toy?

“Waterproof sex toys are toys that can be submerged in water during use,” says Shamyra Howard, a sex therapist at LCSW. Importantly, however, not all sex toys are waterproof; some are only waterproof (with uncovered charging holes), which means, according to Straight But Not According to G Stone, founder of Narrow Ladies, “Toys can get wet, but should not be immersed in or in constant contact with water.” Always check that your sex toy is waterproof or waterproof before using it.

Water resistance in sex toys is not so much a type as it is is a function. “Almost any type of toy can be made waterproof by sealing the motor or battery compartment, if any,” says Carol Queen of Good Vibrations, especially if it’s made of a naturally waterproof material like silicone or glass (though not all silicone vibrators are waterproof). “

What are the advantages of waterproof sex toys?

Maybe the biggest advantage? “You can Play with water without breaking your toys! ” says the Queen. If you like to get hot and heavy in the shower or pool (or whatever you want), waterproof sex toys can take that experience to the next level. They are also very versatile. Of course, you can put They add to your shower sex (or solo session), but you can also use them easily on land (if you’re a mermaid, you know).

Plus, these sex toys are easy to clean. Rae Chen, Sex and Beauty Editor at, says: “You can use them Rinse them quickly and carelessly before, then wash them with soap and wash them thoroughly. “When you choose a waterproof toy, there’s a lot less stress involved – you know your toy is always clean and you don’t have to worry about it shorting out.” “

What should I pay attention to when buying waterproof sex toys?

Queen recommends before buying waterproof sex toys Start by asking yourself these questions: “Will waterproofing successfully allow you to use your toy? How (and where) do you want? If yes (enthusiastically yes!), consider whether you want the toy to be fully submersible or just splash proof; for the exterior, for penetration, or both; for masturbation alone or with other people. You are looking for A hands-free toy that does most of the work for you or a toy that provides you with control?

You need to find a trusted brand, read reviews or let us do it for you Work (below). And be sure to use the correct lube. Many waterproof toys are wrapped in human-safe silicone, and finding the right lube for underwater play can be a process. “If you find that water-based lube doesn’t give you the For endurance, try an oil-based lube made with coconut oil, which is slippery underwater and works with silicone (but not latex),” Queen says.

What is the best waterproof sex toy?

Ready to paint a romantic candlelight bath for you plus or minus one? If you are sure about your toy Don’t have waterproof toys in your drawer or are looking for a new one, below we’ve listed the best waterproof sex toy options from retailers like Amazon, Lelo, Lovehoney, Fun Factory, Womanizer, Dame, and more, recommended by sex experts and educators. Just make sure to limit any underwater adventures that involve insertion to places with clean water (and stay away from rivers, lakes and oceans, as they can harbor bacteria).

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