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24 Bridal Hair Accessories and Headpieces Perfect for Any Bride

Clips finished in crystals and pearls finish bridal hairstyles in a subtle wash of shimmer, instantly augmenting your wedding look, just as a well-chosen accessory should. 

L. Erickson

Small Sienna Swarovski Crystal Barrette

Jennifer Behr Donna Pearl Bow Barrette


x Elhanati Gold-Plated Spinel Hairclip

Jennifer Behr Henley Pony Wrap

Bridal Combs & Pins

For an Old World approach to contemporary wedding hair, decorative hair combs and pins make a forever sort of statement. Tuck a bauble-bedecked comb into a classic chignon; crown your curls in a crystalline comb; or embellish lengths in a collective of pearlescent pins. The quiet additions enhance styles rather than overwhelm them, ensuring the day’s look remains wholly yours. 

In addition to an antique-y feel, combs and pins are an accessory that can be easily incorporated on a whim and at the last minute. As such, there’s no harm in having a few gorgeous options on hand—you may just reach for that gem-encrusted comb as you head toward your first looks. 

Twigs & Honey

Freshwater Handmade Pearl and Opal Hair Comb

Tane Mexico 1942 Bordados Sterling Silver Hair Comb

Brides & Hairpins Serena Crystal Hair Comb

Lelet NY Pearl Drop Spine Comb


Adaire Hair Pin Set

Jennifer Behr

Zinnia Floral Bobby Pins

Bridal Tiaras

Your wedding day doubles as an opportunity to live, feel, and look like romantic royalty—so why not don a crown? Bridal tiaras may be less popular than in decades past, but the new guard of regal toppers are designed and destined to command attention. As a bonus, a tiara is easily removed once you’ve had your fill of regality, or temporarily donned for a few stylized photos. 

If the monarchy isn’t your thing, consider the goddess-like notions of finishing your wedding hair with a crystalline crown, taking your approach from the human plane to mythological levels. Your reign will be a benevolent, fantastical, and romantic one. 

Jennifer Behr

Franca Tiara

Jennifer Behr Vivienne Tiara

Bridal Ribbons

Ribbons and bows are back in a major way, delivering easy romance to loose lengths and ponytails alike. And what better day to lean into an amorous aesthetic than your wedding day? The adornment is timeless and coquettish, meaning flirty, meaning fun. Above all, your wedding beauty should make you feel fantastic, making fun a factor worthy of consideration.

For easy incorporation, opt for a bow-bedecked headband in silk or satin, colored a white that coordinated with your unique dress. This will save you the trouble of checking for placement or still-taut ties as you dance the night away. 

Merve Bayindir Zinnia bow-detailed silk-blend sateen headband

Jennifer Behr Katya Headband in Satin

Bridal Veils

Far from outdated, a veil offers a classic, beautifully gothic touch not to be overlooked. In fact, a veil instantly makes one feel like a bride, simply for their referential nature. Popularized by the Romans as a shield from evil spirits, the choice is now a nod to traditions past, presented in a far more modern guise. And honestly, some good-vibes-only insurance is never a bad thing. 



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