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240W charger in live photos, details revealed

The Realme GT Neo5 is expected to arrive soon and will reportedly be the first phone to support the company’s new product 240 W fast charging solution. The charging tech will be revealed on January 5, and images of the charger have surfaced online today.

The adapter bears the model number VCKCJACH, the brand is SuperVOOC, and it shows 10V Power 20 a trend.

240W charger 240W charger 24 W charger

The naming of SuperVOOC is generally linked to Oppo, but the brand shares R&D with Realme, so it can be said that Realme will implement the same naming adapter; we It’s not yet known if the company will have a new name. The source also revealed that there will be a less powerful GT Neo5 on the market, “just” 24 W charging.

The Realme GT Neo5 will have two battery cells, each with its own charge pump for greater and safer power distribution. 10V/411 power from the adapter will be distributed as a performance equal to 20V/24A Once it reaches the smartphone.

us Already seen a demo of the technology at MWC in Barcelona February 411 and on Thursday we’ll see what’s revealed for real.

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