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25 Best Polo Shirts for Men to Wear Anywhere

Polo shirts have long been a staple in the menswear world. Seriously – we’ve been talking about it since it first appeared in a polo game in the mid-1800s and was taken over in 1896 by the estate of the Brooks brothers, John E. Brooks and Jean René Lacoste. Lacoste) reinvented (yes, that one) in 1933, he re-imagined the pique cotton short-sleeved style we know today for tennis matches.

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But for the past few decades, life in polo has been dubious when you think about bad ’70s iterations or the boxy cuts your father’s golf team was famous for . Regardless of past thinking, there’s nothing tacky about the latest batch now.

  • Best Test Polo

    Zinna Travis Matthew

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  • )

    Best White Polo Shirt

    Los Angeles Jersey Polo Shirts Todd Snyder

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  • Best Moisture Wicking Polo

    Strato Tech Polo

    Vuori Costume

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  • Best Tennis Polo

    Commuter Polo Rhône

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  • )

    Best Long Sleeve Polo Shirt

    Turnaround Shirt

    Taylor Stitch

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  • Best Lightweight Polo

    Training Day Polo Fable

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  • Best Vintage Style Polo Shirt

    Suede Cotton Polo Shirt Buck Mason

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    These days, the best polo shirts are the tapered (cut to be slim, but nottoo Slim) and versatile enough to wear in the office with slacks and brogues or paired with jeans and sneakers. You’ll find these beautiful polo’s below that can do it all – from staying cool and dry at the beach with moisture-wicking fabrics to looking super stylish on the town in flattering clothes.

    Here, 25 Polo Shirts That Will Not Fail, Take Your Wardrobe To New Heights!

    Best Test Polo


    Best White Polo Shirt

    Los Angeles Jersey Polo Shirt

    Best Moisture Wicking Polo

    Strato Tech Polo

    Best Golf Polo Shirt

    Stretch Golf Polo Shirt

    Best Travel Polo Shirts

    72 Hour Merino Polo Shirts

    Amazon’s Choice

    Cotton Pique Polo

    Best Tennis Polo

    Commuter Polo

    Best Long Sleeve Polo Shirt

    Turnover Shirt

    Best Lightweight Polo

    Training Day Polo

    Best Vintage Polo Shirts

    Suede Cotton Polo Shirt

    Terry Toweling Navy Toweling Resort Polo

      J. Crew neck cashmere neck sweater

    Wrinkle-Free Damascus Polo

    Maximizing the life of your polo depends on how you clean it. Make sure you are using a mild detergent , then set the wash setting to cold water. If you’re washing a white polo shirt, make sure to throw it away with the rest of the white polo to avoid bleeding.

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    To avoid any loose seams or your collar being bitten, we have a method for you. All you have to do is fold your polo inside out and make sure to stretch the collar so it lays flat (doing this ensures that the collar doesn’t roll up weird).

    Also,don’t Use fabric softener on your polo as it can damage the polo’s weave or knit. Speaking of drying, skip the machine and put your polo shirts on the hanger to dry!

    How do we choose

    In the past 18 months, we have The editors and writers of

    Men’s Health were consulted about the best polo for men. Experts including our associate business editor Christian Gollayan and our gear and business editor John Thompson have tested many polo shirts and evaluated them for style, fit, price point and durability. We also considered the top rated and highly rated polo shirts on our trusted e-commerce site.

    Christian Gorayan

    Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Ministry of Commerce As Associate Editor of Business for Men’s Health, Christian Gollayan oversees all shopping on .

    John Thompson Gear and Commerce Editor John Thompson is Men’s Health’s equipment and business editor, where he is responsible for Fashion, Beauty, Gear & Technology.



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