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25 Best 'Sex and the City' Quotes

I remember watching it for the first time when I was too young to feel when the complex and superficial parts of your inner life are reflected back to you by real people speaking loudly A rare and blissful feeling. These women are so stunning: outrageous, honest, sexy, chic. But the main draw of the show, at least to me, is that these women enjoy life. They revel in terrible men, bad moods, lost loves and ridiculous spending habits. Of course, many of their words and actions are not words of life, but a lot of them are. Here, in no particular order, are our 25 favorite Sex and the City quotes.

1. “I’m looking for love. True love. Absurd, inconvenient, consuming, can’t live without each other’s love.” —Carrie

Classic Carrie-ism, straight from the final episode. She was there: in Paris, in Dior, everything she thought she wanted. However, this is not enough. The number of times I’ve come close to typing it out and sending it to a nightclub who hasn’t texted me back is worrying.

2. “How can there be four women who are so smart and have nothing to talk about but boyfriends?” —Miranda

This is Miranda at her best: Seeing things as they are . What’s really disappointing about this episode is that by the end she’s groveling back at the girl and talking desperately about her ex. Almost, Miranda, almost!

3. “The country works better with a handsome man in the White House. I mean, look what happened to Nixon. Nobody wanted to fuck him, so he fucked everybody.” —Samantha

What else is there to say? Samantha on politics (Part 1). a classic. There are no comments.

4. “Half of the total time you spend hanging out with someone gets over them.” —Charlotte

Though, like most Charlottenisms, it’s not the most outrageous nor is it Most understated word, but I think it’s the dating rules I’ve heard from shows most often applied to real life. Whether she’s right is up for debate – though it does give you a window of time in which post-breakups are going to be a total nightmare.

5. “I do find it interesting that discussions about politics end up being discussions about sex. Discussions about sex end up being political. It makes me wonder if the two aren’t actually inextricably linked, if Is that so, can you have sex without politics? -Carrie

Sometimes Carrie’s column is accurate.



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