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25 really useful gifts for someone undergoing chemotherapy

Cancer can be scary, exhausting and isolating — and so can chemotherapy. So you might find yourself looking for some really useful gifts for people undergoing chemotherapy and cancer treatment—anything that can help them through the process.

“As you go through this process, supporting small gestures from friends and family can really mean the world to you,” Tatei Montejo, a London-based life coach with ovarian cancer, tells SELF . Breast cancer survivor and volunteer Susan Rafte of the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center agrees. “There’s a lot going on in the patient’s world, and it’s nice to let them know you’re thinking of them,” she tells SELF.

Of course, everyone is different, and you know who you love the most. Just being there—running errands, holding their hands, distracting from therapy—is often the most thoughtful gift. But if you’re looking for another way to show your support or brighten their day with a chemotherapy care package, below we’ve rounded up the best gift ideas for people undergoing chemotherapy, according to those who have been treated for care Personnel I support a loved one through it, as well as those who work with chemotherapy patients in cancer care.

(For all those material conditions to remain as comfortable as possible during cancer treatment, consider cancer treatment during this difficult time Research donations in lieu of chemotherapy gifts. If you’re not sure which nonprofit to donate to, search Charity Navigator to find cancer nonprofits that donate the majority of funds to research and programs that directly benefit cancer patients.)

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  • Woman wearing Barefoot Dreams Travel Shawl in charcoal color


    Soft blankets, shawls, socks, or anything else that makes them comfortable

    Alison S.S., Assistant Director of Cancer Support Services at Mount Sinai Downtown Cancer Center Dr. Alison Snow tells SELF that a blanket and plush socks can help patients stay comfortable during chemotherapy and at home.

    Breast cancer survivor Zandy Fretts agrees. “I bought a bad wool blanket because it was well packaged, but ultimately I wish I could have something that makes me feel at home,” she tells SELF. A cozy scarf can also be a clutch, she points out. “It’s not wrapped in IVs like a sweater, and it’s easy to put on and take off if your body temperature fluctuates,” she said.

    The Barefoot Dreams Blanket and Shawl is highly recommended as a comfortable loungewear addition to any chemotherapy care package. “I always give away the Barefoot Dreams shawl because it’s so comfortable and soft, and it has a pocket,” Amy Hayden, 31, tells SELF about the shawl, which only comes in one size. “It doubles as a blanket because it’s a cape rather than a robe, so it doesn’t interfere with ports or require a lot of arm shoulder movement.”

    If you’re on a budget, here are some from Amazon An affordable (but still certainly appreciated) option for warm, cozy sweaters, blankets, socks, slippers, pajamas, scarves, and beanies.

  • Woman wearing Barefoot Dreams Travel Shawl in charcoal color


    A gift card for dining on the go

    Cancer treatment requires a lot of appointments and travel, which can mean eating away from home. Meals and snacks on the road “add up very quickly,” said Abbey Kaler, a nurse practitioner navigator in the Advanced Breast Cancer Program at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, and having a Grubhub gift card for meal delivery or takeout is a good idea Choose. Uber’s gift card works on Uber Eats and rides, if they need both.



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