Pittsburgh Pirates catcher Jason Dreyer (55), second baseman Bae Ji-hwan (3) and shortstop O’Neal Cruz (right) greets left fielder Bryan Reynolds (10) after all players scored in the fifth inning at PNC Park against the Chicago White Sox. Reynolds hit a three-run triple and scored on a game error. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire – USA TODAY Sports

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Brian Reynolds, Pittsburgh Pirates. (Photo by Winslow Townsend/Getty Images)

We’ve had a month of baseball regular season. Here are some surprising early gains from the first 30 days.

The first month of the regular season brought surprises and disappointments, perhaps none more so than An even bigger surprise for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

But there was a fair share of disappointment, and the St. Louis Cardinals’ struggles forced the team to ask — and answer — tough questions. They’re hoping it will eventually get better, but how much better can it get with the help of pitchers? Here are three surprises and two disappointments from the first month of the regular season.

MLB Surprise: Pittsburgh Pirates

If the Pittsburgh Pirates win 18 Raise your hand for a -8 start and lead in the league. Put it down now. Because no one could have predicted this day would come.

People inside and outside the Buccaneers organization are full of praise for manager Derek Shelton’s job already maxing out the roster The above talent prompted the team to renew his contract. But it’s the offensive platoon, contributions from veterans Andrew McCutchen and Bryan Reynolds, and a pitching that exceeds expectations that fuel their quick start.

Arrows continue to point to Buccaneers, especially after signing Reynolds to record-breaking $106.75M contract extension . It wouldn’t be a surprise if they also had more conversations with players on the roster (Shaq Cruz?) in the near future.

But the Buccaneers’ fast start is the talk of baseball, and rightfully so. It’s been a long time since the Buccaneers made the playoffs. Now, they look like a real threat to win the NFC Central title and have the best record in the NFC in the first month of the season.

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