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3 Things I'm Excited About After the 'Kardashians' Season 2 Finale

In the season finale of The Kardashians , the storytelling is as rich as the fashion. Kim, Kris and North head to Paris, where Kim will walk the Balenciaga show. Kris and Kim were careful on the show to emphasize that this was different from past fashion weeks – it was couture

, marking a brand new milestone for Kim in her ever-expanding medium rule. Ironically, the historically insular fashion tradition is now being portrayed on reality television for mass consumption, and it’s important to remember: Take on everyday life, and you’ll find the dialectic in most of their storylines and productions. Do these elite institutions appreciate the visibility Kim brings, even though she seems to rely heavily on them for legitimacy?

The episode is also filled with intertextual throwbacks to past trips to Paris to remind viewers how far families have come — and many tender reflections on mothers — and daughters. ties, and some self-righteousness about the value of couture (not to mention, for Chris, a tongue-in-cheek lesson on how to pronounce certain designer names). Plus, Kylie took Stormi to the Billboard Awards in Las Vegas in support of an unseen Travis Scott, while Clavi Kravis dined at home with the children. After the season 2 finale episode of The Kardashians, here are three things that got me excited:

Take Your Daughter to Work Day

This episode partly reflects the legacy Kim is building for her daughter North, who joins the her ranks. Their day began with North glamorously visiting Kim in the classic Pastelle jacket that Kanye wore to a Paris show years ago. “Kanye tends not to care about his stuff and give it all away,” Kim explained. But, in true Kris Jenner tradition, she’s already asked him to save certain fashion items and other handicrafts for the kids. “Even when he was mad at me, I still texted him and said, ‘I know you just won some Grammys — have to add them to the coffers.’ And he said, ‘Okay.'” Maybe the vault is for the kids, but it’s not hard to imagine that all of us might be at some point in the future. As the days pass, Kim explains why she wants to go with North.

“Every kid travels with me at least once a year,” Kim tells us in a confession before we meet her at the Jean-Paul Gaultier showroom to introduce the team to North. “It showed my daughter the work I was putting in. I wanted to show her that work can be fun.” Of course, North is also a stand-in for the audience, as we also get insight into Kim’s various expectations in her life in the fashion industry. To do things. Along the way, we also learn about another very personal piece from Kardashian’s fashion archives, as Kim explains to her daughter who Olivier Rousting is. “Northie, Olivier…gave daddy this blue dress that daddy wanted for me.” Cuts to the dark blue Balmain dress that Kim wore on her 2013 birthday photo. “You got in my stomach the night I wore that dress. So, Olivier, maybe it has something to do with why you’re on this planet.” North just stares at her mother, but the message of her visionary story is clear : Clothes can be stories, symbols and time codes. Kim’s work this week is creating those meanings through fashion, as a traditional reality star brings the camera to Paris.


NEXT WE ARE AT HOME See Kourtney and Travis Barker, trying to have a candlelight dinner with all of their kids (except Mason), but there’s a problem: Everyone’s staring at their phones. “Should we have a no-tech rule?” Courtney asked. For an episode depicting some rather unrelated high-fashion scenes, the dilemma of technology infiltrating the dinner table seems at first glance to be a refreshingly universal one. However, there is one key difference. The fact that the Kardashians’ content machine is a fundamental aspect of social media itself makes this scene somewhat ironic: The media the family is known for ruling now clearly rules them.

“You can’t write shit like this”

This season ends life on all ladies reflection ups and downs. “You can’t write this shit,” Khloé commented. Kim responded to the sentiment in her own way. “The best part of my life is that I can never see what the next chapter will be — and I don’t want to. I just like being in the moment.” The reputation of expert managers of media narratives is conflicted. They want to tell us that their reality show does portray real reality – yet another irony of an episode that so effectively tells a story about using Cameras, fashion and family traditions. They even created a cliffhanger: In the final scene, Kim asks Khloe what they should name her new son, and the family jokes around without answering the question. I think we might have to wait until season 3 to find out.




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