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3 Things That Keep Me Sober After 'The Kardashians' Season 2 Episode 1

It’s been four months since the first season The Kardashians are over and we’re back for season two, with the premiere focusing on Kohler’s most recent — and perhaps most epic — public Heartbreak on. Tristan Thompson, Kohler’s long-term on-and-off partner and father of her first child, True, was found to be having a baby with another woman. This betrayal would have been painful enough for matriarchy without the additional revelation that Kohler and Tristan had conceived their future son through surrogacy “a few days ago.” A haze of existentialism pervades the episode — even in scenes designed to inspire hope — so for those who criticize the Kardashian family’s “orchestrated” narrative, these uplifting 45 minutes may provide some compensatory authenticity. These three things have kept me sane since the Kardashians’ second season premiere.

Kohler’s multi-layered exhibit on betrayal

The first four minutes of the episode begin with Kim and Khloé discussing whether it’s “time” for Khloé to “talk about it.” What the hell is “it”? The suspense didn’t build until we met Kohler in the confessional, and she tearfully told the camera that there was more to come in the final season last June. “That day, when you and Kim were together When you shoot Tristan, when you find out that Tristan is having a baby with someone,” she begins – the camera cuts to a flashback from season one: Kim on her phone at the gym, hears the news, and calls Announce it to the rest of the family. The camera goes back to Kohler today, and she says, “There are some things I’m not ready to talk about,” explaining that even then, she knew there wasn’t one on the way, but Two babies. Apparently, unbeknownst to the crew, this was the bombshell Khloé dropped on Kim over the phone — ultimately putting Kim’s reaction in that scene into context. I’m obsessed with this introductory editor’s” Metamedia” approach, switching seamlessly between Khloé’s revelatory elaboration and paradigm-shifting flashbacks.

With the lion Themed baby shower

Did you notice that in Kardashian simulacra, rituals and celebrations are the Episode finale? This episode is largely driven by Khloé’s resistance to baby showers — and the party she gets after she eventually relents. We see Chris fret with stuffed animal lions in beige balloons , explaining: “We thought it was a Leo baby, so it was a lion shower! “Edna Aphek and Yishai Tobin have written at length about “Semiotics of Astrology,” in the sense that it is used on the subject of baby showers. What do I mean by “semiotics”? Astrology The art of assigning certain images, representations and backstories to the zodiac—for example, lions are associated with birthdays in late summer. These signs allow us to simplify our own self-concepts and use them to connect with each other—which may be years in the making The reason pre-astrology is so big on social media – they’re a useful technique when party planning under duress and one of the associated symbologies to decorate a party, is it any wonder?

Chris will use Kohler’s Family described as ‘unconventional’

When Khloé broke the news about what happened to CiCi’s cousin, Kris added: “We Here again, this doesn’t happen to many people like it has traditionally happened. It’s hard to determine which part is “unconventional” to Kris. The situation is of course unique and complex, but America is made up of a variety of families. However, one thing that strikes me is that, This episode touches on a deeper discussion about surrogacy. We’ve never seen surrogates and they ask the quiet question of whether it would be more or less-ethical to be consciously centered on their role. Is it narratively necessary, or just a distraction?

At another point, Kim and Khloe discuss Khloé’s emotional estrangement because she has a son on the road. Could it be because she’s not the one holding the baby Is it because she’s out of a partner to pass the time while waiting for him to arrive? The labor of pregnant other people’s babies isn’t often discussed in mainstream conversations (pun intended), and this episode feels like a deep dive into sociology Home Heather Jacobson’s book Labour of Love: Gestational Surrogacy and the Job of Making Babies , which features surrogacy Experience focuses on the subject. This episode explores themes of detachment and loyalty, all in the context of “Modern Family,” and it delivers the kind of raw content viewers have been asking for from the Kardashians. Until next week!



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