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3 Things That Keep Me Sober After 'The Kardashians' Season 2 Episode 5

For the entire second season, Kardashian Quoted Keeping Up With The Kardashians Early Episodes themes and memes), and the fifth episode was no exception. The sisters parted ways this week, taking what they call their PP (private jet) to Vegas and Miami. It’s a rather silly episode that seems to be meant to show us the different ways each of the sisters relate to the party – further characterizing them (and their brands) in the process. Kelly is out on bail, but Kendall can’t relax without her. The odds of Kourtney joining are slim, but she would still appreciate an invitation. Kim walks around with a hint of workaholic spirit after dinner parties and hotel parties in Miami, but Khloé still remembers how to have a good time. Of course, just because we’re seeing the ladies rave doesn’t mean the increasingly common norms of Kardashian’s existential dilemmas don’t exist. Here are three things that keep me awake after episode five of The Kardashians.

Mother and Daughter Boob Jobs After visiting Chris while she was recovering from hip replacement surgery, Khloé told her mother, “I’m really thinking about finishing My boobs.” “Oh! Let’s do it together,” Chris exclaimed. Since last week’s episode — when Kris Jenner’s hip issues were discussed around the general topic of surgery — we’ve seen some

Significant shift towards transparency family members regarding their relationship to certain cosmetic procedures. It makes sense, and we see this best from Kris and Khloé, whose unique screen dynamics I’ve compared in the past to Bert and Ernie or even Big Edie and Little Edie.

Kim wants to make jewelry from Kris’ bones

Kris told Khloé that Kim wanted to make jewelry from the bones recovered from her hip surgery. “It’s creepy,” she shuddered. However, Khloé questioned whether this was much different from Kris’ desire to make necklaces from their future ashes. Given the Kardashians’ fervent passion for collecting family artifacts – from Kim’s Vogue trip to memory boxes to their

) made of the time capsule KUWTK series finale – not to mention the Horde’s sometimes uneasy comfort with death (from the earlier KUWTK episode showing Chris scrolling around Hollywood Forever Cemetery to a later episode in which Kim and Kohler buy bunkers in a doomsday situation), one has to wonder Where are their morbid lines. As Khloé herself says, “I talk to my family about wills, death, and we’ll tell each other what our wishes will be if something terrible happens.” She goes on to share her plans to get regular manicures while in a coma , while Chris speculated that they would need to buy a large piece of land to bury all the members and descendants of their family. “Imagine being haunted by the Kardashians,” Kris added. Oddly enough, I can.

Khloé will never “leave Calabasas Gate” again

This episode is about parties and personalities – what the Kar-Jenners would be if given a chance to come out of their bubble. We’re told — Malika and Kim tell us time and time again — that Khloé rarely leaves “The Gates of Calabasas” these days. How can the old, more adventurous Khloé be brought back? Their trip to Miami didn’t exactly help things. Driving becomes distressing when crowds flood the cars and fans start banging on the windows. “I felt like a fish in a fish tank,” Kohler said. After a few drinks that night, the ladies did relax a bit — but it’s possible, by now, that the Kardashian Phantom Gates will follow them wherever they want.




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