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3 Times Stacey Abrams Matched Atlanta’s Energy

3 Times Stacey Abrams Matched Atlanta’s Energy

Distrust for politicians inner the Dusky community comes from disingenuity. A long way too on the total the community finest sees politicians at some level of the advertising and marketing campaign meander when it is time to rep our vote. And that pandering also may per chance well be patronizing, like in 2016, when Hilary Clinton suggested the Breakfast Club she carried hot sauce in her ranking–an glaring reference to Beyonce’s hit song “Formation.” Or, when Joe Biden also suggested Charlamagne Tha God of the Breakfast Club that he “ain’t Dusky” he didn’t vote for him. Finest in the final 60 or so years has the community considered candidates that no longer finest peep like us, nonetheless are truly for us. Stacey Abrams is the most fresh addition to the list.

Despite the indisputable truth that she misplaced Georgia’s gubernatorial election in 2020, Abrams has no longer misplaced momentum in battling voter suppression in the narrate. Since the loss she has confirmed that no Georgia vote also may per chance well be left unturned. She has popped up in some aesthetic areas and related to the ATLiens in ways that outdated governors couldn’t. Here are three time Stacey Abrams matched Atlanta’s energy



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