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3 tips on how to be your own best boss

What do you get when you combine passion for business with a stubborn desire to control your destiny? A budding bartender or Starbucks barista? Do not. You got the one thing we all aspire to – being the boss in life and business. Actor, writer, producer, director and owner of Very Cavaliere Productions Julie Cavaliere says she found her way to making independent films after working with indie producers and performing on shows like FBI: Most Wanted power .

Many business entrepreneurs struggle to balance their careers with learning new skills that they can work on further. They are stuck trying the same method or plan as the owner while expecting a different outcome. The truth is, it takes more than hard work to be your boss in business and life. There are three keys here:

1. Challenge myself

According to Cavaliere, she has always been interested in filmmaking and development, but she has nothing and has nothing to do with the film industry. She didn’t let these challenges stop her from successfully accomplishing her mission. She became the ultimate multitasker for millennials, using roles like working kids activities, bartending, and small roles to fund her passions. Sometimes you have to humble yourself and take on roles you wouldn’t normally take to get where you need to be in life.

Simultaneously adapt to change and improve your business acumen. The many different hats you wear on your business journey will serve you as your upcoming CEO.

2. Embrace opportunities outside your comfort zone

If you How can you be in control of the script stage of your life without ever submitting a work in the world? Many of us have great business ideas and plans, but those ideas and plans are stuck in our heads and don’t play out in the real world. She took the stage when Cavaliere put a production-ready script she wrote with her partner Michaela Ternasky-Holland on Facebook’s virtual reality platform Meta Quest. “I thank Meta for funding the production and distribution, and for giving me the creative freedom and full rights to my IP,” Cavaliere said. Together they created the first volume of the reimagining: Nisa , which was written and directed by Cavalier as part of the anthology series premiering at the Venice International Film Festival.

The unknown is scary and uncomfortable. The late Fred Rogers created the popular children’s show Mister Rogers’ Neighbors because he didn’t like children’s TV shows at the time. “I got into TV because I hated it so much,” he says, “and I thought there were ways to use this wonderful instrument to develop people who were willing to watch and listen.” Feeling uncomfortable about making progress in your life plan.

3. Proactive

Cavaliere said: “Women creative writers There are so many opportunities to take control of the field of virtual reality and digital production.” You have to be an active learner and someone looking for business collaborations for your ideas to become reality. The cost of virtual reality scenes was high, but Meta took over her anthology series because they believed in the concept and philosophy of her project. There will be challenges with money, time, and staff, but if you keep looking for the right people, the right people will come into your life.

“The best way for you to get what you want is to ask for it. Eventually, if the idea is good, someone will answer your call. Persistence pays off – don’t be afraid to hear” No’ the word,” Cavaliere said.

So go out, get rid of the shackles of life and career, and take control of your professional destiny. For more information on entrepreneurship, visit Veristrat.



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