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30 True-Crime Series to Binge Right Now

There’s no denying the fact that true-crime stories are everywhere — be they in podcasts, TV series or movies — and the craze doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. The Hollywood Reporter compiled a list of some of the most recent true-crime series and films available to stream.

These hit shows and movies have garnered more than 50 Emmy nominations over the last few years, with 10 of those nods this year going to true-crime series Welcome to Chippendales and Dahmer — Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.

A 2022 YouGov poll showed that half of Americans enjoy true-crime content, with one in three saying they consume it at least once a week and one in four admitting that they watch it multiple times per week. The poll also showed that true-crime series and movies tend to make people more empathetic toward victims and safety-conscious, as well as better-versed in how the criminal justice system works.

With interest in true crime seemingly at an all-time high, as viewers seek content that transports them into real-life stories, it’s no surprise there are constantly more docuseries premiering across several streaming platforms. This summer alone, ABC announced four new true-crime shows airing on Hulu, including The Ashley Madison Affair, Betrayal: The Perfect Husband, Mother Undercover and Demons and Saviors.

So, what is it about the true-crime genre that draws people in so much? According to Jean Kim, M.D., audiences may be entranced by the content because they find comfort in the reassuring narrative formula, its reinforcing sense of moral clarity and how it reminds them of their luck at times.

Below, find a list of 30 true-crime TV shows and movies that can be watched on Max, Netflix, Hulu and more.



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