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34 Best Emerald Jewelry to Buy Now and Wear Forever

When shopping for the best jadeite jewelry, including jadeite necklaces, jadeite bracelets, and jadeite rings, green is the most popular gemstone color variation. However, other vibrant iterations exist besides black. “Emerald is a very durable stone that comes in a variety of colors, from greenish-gray and brown to lavender,” explains Yepremian. “My favorite is the variety known as imperial jade, which is a deep emerald green,” she continued. “The best representative of imperial jade is emerald green, extremely rare and coveted.”

) Although jade It’s built to last, but before you buy, consider how you intend to wear a piece of jade and your past experience with semi-precious stone jewelry, says Kirsty Stone of Retrouvai. “If you’re looking for a ring to wear every day, consider a setting in which the stone has no exposed edges, such as a bezel-setting cabochon,” advises the designer, explaining that some of our fine jewelry are more elegant than others. rough. Also, she recommends keeping designs with more exposed stones for infrequent wear, such as special occasions.

When caring for your jade, there are several ways to keep your jade in top condition. Stone explains that, like most other semi-precious stones, you should store emerald jewelry in a soft, cool, dry bag away from other jewelry to avoid scratches; to prolong its life.” Yepremian adds, “Jade should not come into contact with chemicals—the best way to clean it is with a soft cloth dampened with mild soap and water.”

Without further ado, here are the best jade jewelry you can buy right now.



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