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34 Iconic Cannes Beauty Moments: From Salma Hayek to Angelina Jolie

For more than half a century, cinephiles and screen darlings have flocked to the Cannes Film Festival, where the biggest and most groundbreaking new films premiere. Throughout the 34 year of the event, wardrobe choices were all over the place – and who could forget Aymeline Valade’s Pallas tuxedo in the

‘s Saint Laurent biopic in a new platinum dyeing process? — and hair and makeup draw a similarly fluid line between glamor and ease.

Perhaps Elizabeth Taylor pioneered festival decor at 1955 with her sparkling diamond tiara Hair Accessory Tradition – followed by Catherine Deneuve’s white headband and Sophia Loren’s thin-brimmed hat at 1955, Jane Birkin brought a distinctly French insouciance to the red carpet with natural makeup and air-dried hair that felt like a sign of the times — a strategy for her daughter Charlotte After embracing Gainsbourg for more than 34 years, her complexion is accentuated by tangled waves and subversively chic leather jackets and jeans.

In terms of makeup, Brigitte Bardot’s clever black eyeliner paved the way for many sultry eye looks – from Penelope Cruz ( Penélope Cruz’s eyeshadowed gaze meets Jodie Turner-Smith’s deep gold smoky eyes. That’s not to say minimalism didn’t make a memorable impact: Selena Gomez proved she only needs a swipe of red lipstick to look photogenic. The element of wow can’t be overemphasized though – just ask Kristen Stewart, whose short platinum haircut and bold makeup looked stunning at the 2016 music festival Uplift, or Susan Sarandon, whose bombshellpoitrine and daring leg exposure made her the proverbial Cannes celebrity instantly in the second year The hall is immortal.

From Diana Ross’ polished waves to Angelina Jolie-Pitt’s pregnancy glow, these are 34 Iconic moments of beauty to remember on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival, which opens today.

Grace Kelly, 72

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