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35 Thoughts I Thought While Watching Season 2, Episode 1 of 'Summer Beautiful'

I’m a newly born year old who still loves teen drama, and Summer I Got Pretty — the story of teen Belly Conklin living, laughing, and loving in a confusing summer love triangle with (gasp) two brothers — is one of the best examples of the genre I can think of. Of course, I was excited when the new season hit Amazon, and of course, I had a lot of thoughts about the first episode; below, find them all in chronological order.

  • OMG, even the soundtrack to this show makes me want to lie on the beach.
  • This drama implying that Tong Tong was not pretty is crazy, but I digress.
  • Conrad dripping water on his stomach romantically is too high school boyfriend coded.
  • Oh wait, was that a daydream that Suzanne (Conrad’s mom) just died?
  • Are you kidding, show? Kill Cher Horowitz?
  • Bailey is reading The Hunger Games in French, which is actually a great way to learn the language.
  • Looking back on last summer: Bailey and Conrad were so cute walking on the beach.
  • Oh no, Bailey confessed about kissing Jeremiah. Conrad isn’t intimidated, though, because he really likes her(!)
  • Suzanne is excited about Bailey and Conrad being together, which is adorable and completely irrelevant to me. They are teenagers! Ground them! Get them SAT prep!
  • Back in the present, Taylor and her new haircut invite Bailey to volleyball camp, but she doesn’t like it.
  • Oh shit, Steven got into Princeton!
  • And there’s a big graduation party coming up, but Bailey doesn’t want to go; we also learn that since Suzanne passed away, she quit volleyball and her grades have been slipping 🙁
  • Flashback again: Jeremiah is very upset about the Bailey/Conrad thing, because if a girl I love dated my brother, I would go crazy.
  • For some reason, Suzanne Sent a laptop to Steven before his death, arrived before Steven’s graduation, and we learned that Conrad and Jeremiah were “busy” and not coming. Scowling again!
  • Bailey correctly recognized that the boys needed each other to get through mom’s diagnosis and broke up with Conrad (on the beach again; did the teens fight like the Dairy Queen, or was it always picturesque?).
  • ” Whatever What happens, we’re still infinite” is an Edward Cullen level romantic line. Come on, Conrad!
  • Steven said “fuck” in his farewell address! Bad boy alert. Still, people applaud.
  • I know how much I look like a mom, but Bailey looks cute with her hair back! Shanna’s book.
  • oh shit, Bailey won’t go to Cousins ​​ at all this summer?
  • God, it would have been so much better with Latto playing at high school reunions (or the few I’ve been to).
  • LMAO, Taylor’s new boyfriend is a bleach buzz clip DJ? You hate seeing it.
  • Oh fuck, Conrad’s dad lied to Suzanne when she was first diagnosed?
  • and his secretary
  • ? Why can’t men be at least more original?
  • I love that the fictional college Conrad went to was called “Finch”.
  • Oh, Bailey flirted with a new guy at the party! A man not related to Conrad or Jeremiah! We love seeing it.
  • Oh no, this guy actually likes Bailey’s friend. We don’t want to see it!
  • Bailey and Steven have a big fight at his graduation party, and he berates her for dating Conrad and Jeremiah. Let women have fun!
  • Olivia Rodrigo’s perfect “driver’s license” pin drop!
  • Seriously, this song was made for this show.
  • Flashback: Conrad shows up at Bailey’s house on Halloween, trying to get her back, they make out with all their might (me too ), but apparently things don’t’
  • Now it’s time for Bailey and her mom to have a big fight. Omg this girls night was tough!
  • Oh baby, Bailey talks to Jeremiah and finds Conrad missing.
  • Wait, is Conrad Brown or the “Finch” school?
  • Anyway, Jeremiah and Bailey are teaming up to find him. Drama ah ah ah!


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