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36 Thoughts I Watched Episode 1 of The Real Bling Ring: The Hollywood Thief

I’ I would say: Sofia Coppolas Movie The Bling Ring is one of the greatest films of our time. (Please take your dissent elsewhere, because in this house we won’t sully Coppola’s mother’s good name.) Theft! celebrity! clothing! shoe! Luxury cars! XL size latte! Go on a shopping spree at Kitson! Sleigh bells drop needles! Need I say more? Now, the real events the film is based on is the subject of a brand new Netflix documentary titled The Real Bling Ring: Hollywood Heist

  • , Needless to say, II am very interested. This documentary revisits now-30-something bosses Nick Prugger and Alexis Niles as they relive the glory/horror years of their teenage crime frenzy. Let let’s dive in, okay? ? ?
    1. Hey, its The real Nick Prugger!
    2. oh my true god it is the real Alexis Niles. Honestly, she looks great?
    3. I don’t know what Happened because I ‘ I mentally play Neiers Nancy Joe sales voicemails looping in my head. For those inexperienced, this is Neiers staying after being very dissatisfied The rambling and frantic voicemails under Vanity Fair Writer Nancy Jo Salles on her story, “The suspect was wearing Louboutins.”
    4. NANCY JO, THIS IS ALEXIS NEIERS’ PHONE! Ok, sorry, I I’m done.
    5. Oh man, they the arrest of Alexis Niles is being reconstructed, SWAT team and everyone.
    6. God bless, they showed Nancy Jo’s call scene.
    7. ” If you ‘d make it a script and no one will believe it.” Really!
    8. Wait, the chief investigator in the actual case appeared in Bling Ring movie? Is it allowed?
    9. Omg, I love Hollywood aerial photography.
    10. Obsessed with Nick explaining to us the concept of the San Fernando Valley: “It literally in the shadow of Hollywood.”
    11. This is the erasure of valley culture!
    12. I don’t like this doctor who filmed uninhabited Los Angeles residents camp to illustrate itsa “towns with and without.” we get it !
    13. Well, this Nick’s backstory is boring, let s back to Alexis.
    14. I know Alexis ‘s dad was a DP on
    15. Friends?
    16. Alexis ;s mom Andrea still very much wants you to know her Used to be a model.
    17. Hey it’s Gabbie Neiers, Alexis Less famous, less crime sister!
    18. “Everything was fine until puberty,” Nick said. You said it, bro.
    19. At least they finally admits Nick’s sexuality, strange in
    20. The Bling Ring It alludes to this

      but doesn’t actually deal much with it.

    21. I kinda like that they keep cutting into an all-knowing, Margot- Robbie-in-) Big Short -style real estate agent who explains how the Los Angeles community works.
    22. Nick is angry because his mom will drive him to school in a Honda and his The students were sent to the school Lexus. (Lexii?) Sounds hard.
    23. Alleged Bling Ring instigator Rachel Absence in the documentary is through a series of… Facebook doesn’t handle it well her photo?
    24. Honestly, smart Rachel won’t show up.
    25. These recaps aren’t even lifetime quality, TBH.
    26. Well, this is fun: a personal stylist takes us to Robertson Boulevard shopping (of course, actually) to explain this part of Los Angeles’ early stranglehold on wealthy socialites.
    27. Paris, Audrina, Lindsay… oh how I miss my Trinity .
    28. I’ sorry, but if you live in Calabasas and don’t don’t lock your luxury car, maybe you kind of like asking for a bunch of rich stupid teenagers rob you?
    29. Gabbie complains to her mother about her “, dollar cellulite machine”, I do it and don’t do it0 don’t want to know what that might be.
    30. Oh damn, Law of Attraction time. “It is a bit like Buddhism and A cross between witchcraft”, apparently.
    32. Here comes Perez Hilton? Of course, why not.
    33. Omg, they clips from shows and movies of celebrity robbery victims are being played, and I’ve somehow blocked this, But Paris Hilton is rude to a lot of working class people in the simple life. Nicole team.
    34. Oh my gosh, MySpace. This whole thing is like a time capsule, and I I have visceral reactions.
    35. Tess Taylor time! This is Alexiss non-biological sister , she got into a lot of trouble with her.
    36. Tell me what you think about Alexis and Tess, they should probably have an actual The non-Law of Attraction
    37. adults take care of them at this time of their lives.
    38. Oh my God, do you still remember how cool it was to smoke?
    39. Well, well, that was fun. See you in episode 2, but frankly they already deep into crime; what more to learn? I think we will find out .

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