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37 minimalist Amazon must-haves for Prime Day 2022

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When taking a lean approach to dressing this fall or any season, a good place to start are minimalist essentials. You’ll want to buy quality basics like fitted T-shirts, sophisticated outerwear, and layerable knits in grey or warm neutral tones. Next, understated tailoring essentials like buttons and blazers will be the mainstay of your wardrobe, as will a pair of wide-leg jeans or pleated trousers. Look for thoughtful details like contrast stitching, sculptural silhouettes and subtle textures to take any so-called essential piece to the next level. Don’t overlook accessories either, chunky gold jewelry, black leather boots or cool retro sneakers will effortlessly match the look. Pieces like this are unifying for the simple-minded.

If you’re looking to update your wardrobe soon, our handpicked selection of Amazon’s best minimalist must-haves include that you can buy right now on Prime Day essentials and wardrobe essentials. It’s a new season after all! You’ll find everything from straight-leg jeans (must have) to this season’s It pieces to suit vests, all of which can be paired with a pair of classic penny loafers. JW Pei (a celebrity favorite) also has a stylish handbag style. Here’s our cheat sheet for finding our Editors’ Choice minimalist fashion must-haves on Amazon.

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