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39 Best Hair Care Products of 2023, According to ‘Vogue’ Editors

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Fine or thick, straight or curly, the best hair care products make it easy to achieve a good hair day. Whether it’s a blow dryer that delivers frizz-free results, a detangler that makes brushing through tresses easy, or a thickening treatment that adds volume and fullness, discovering the right products for you makes all the difference. 

Our Top Picks

  • Best for Thin Hair: Living Proof Full Shampoo, $34
  • Best for Fine Hair: Kérastase Elixir Ultime Hydrating Hair Oil Serum, $54
  • Best for Curly Hair: Pattern Heavy Conditioner, $28
  • Best for Thick Hair: Amika Soulfood Nourishing Hair Mask, $32
  • Best Growth Supplement: Nutrafol Hair Growth Supplement, $88
  • Best Hair Growth Oil: Mielle Rosemary Mint Scalp & Hair Strengthening Oil, $12
  • Best Texture Spray: Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, $49
  • Best for Breakage: K18 Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask, $75

That being said, who better to turn to than Vogue editors, who’ve tried the industry’s most powerful formulas and promising new launches? Below, 16 editors detail their holy-grail hair care products. Read on to discover our must-haves which will, perhaps, inspire a new addition to your regimen.

Arden Fanning Andrews, beauty editor-at-large

Hair type: So fine that it feels like a toddler’s first whisps, mostly straight with some surprising bends.

Ever since Travis Speck instinctively gave me a French girl bob at Suite Caroline last spring, I found out my hair flips at the ends if I just push it in that direction, which I like. Sometimes I’ll go for a piece look like Karen Duffy in Dumb and Dumber with a treatment like Sangre de Fruta’s Hair Elixir, otherwise, I need some kind of grippy texturizing spray, and Oribe’s is still my top after a decade of trying them all. For future strength, I’m about to test Act+Acre’s new Stem Cell System (their cleansing products smell so good) and am trying to remember to take Nutrafol hair growth supplement because a few actual doctors have told me it can help with growth and strength, although I forget—often. 


Hair Growth Supplement


Cold Pressed Stem Cell System


Dry Texturizing Spray

Sangre de Fruta

Garden of Earthly Delights Botanical Hair Elixir

Alexis Bennett, senior shopping writer

Hair type: My hair is very thick and coarse, but also dry and brittle. I think I’m 4B and definitely low porosity.

I’m a huge fan of quite a few Mielle products, but this little elixir has been a hair-thickening game changer in my routine—thanks to the infused rosemary oil for hair growth. 

Mielle Organics

Rosemary Mint Scalp & Hair Strengthening Oil

Margaux Anbouba, senior beauty editor

Hair type: Wavy-curly and frizzy.

My wavy-curly, very frizzy hair is the most high-maintenance part of my routine—when I have the time and energy to do it, that is. I like to have an old-school set (a.k.a put up in rollers with a mousse, then brushed and hairsprayed into submission), typically inspired by old Hollywood stars like Liz Taylor, Lauren Bacall, and the ’90s women who also found their haircuts cool (Shalom Harlow, Linda Evangelista). This Motions foam was recommended to me by Jessica Gillin at Jenna Perry Hair (she used it at cosmetology school) and it’s fantastic when paired with flocked, or velvet, rollers. (I prefer these by Conair over velcro or textured ones because of the finish, which is frizz-free and shiny.) To do this, I dry hair, then run the foam through in small sections and wrap my hair upward tightly around the hot roller. Once my entire head is cool, I unwind my hair and brush it out with the very bristle-y, massage-y Sisley hairbrush. Lastly, I go in for one one final shaping with the R+Co Featherlight Hairspray, which smells incredible and lets hair move while keeping its shape. 


The Radiance Brush


InfinitiPro Ceramic Flocked Hot Roller Set


Style & Create Versatile Foam Styling Lotion


Bleu Featherlight Hairspray

Kiana Murden, beauty shopping writer

Hair type: I have color-treated 4B curls; very thick, but fine strands. 

Color-treating your hair for the first time is not for the weak—let me tell you! Transitioning my virgin strands from their natural blackish-brown to an auburn hue has made my hair more susceptible to breakage and dryness. So, I’ve been prioritizing strengthening and moisturizing salves at each step. K18’s mask makes my hair noticeably soft after each treatment—I try to incorporate it once per month. When I’m not using K18, I’ve been loving the Crown Affair leave-in conditioner. It’s quite hydrating without weighing the hair down. With conditioner in, I’m also sure to detangle my coils with care; thank you Tangle Teezer! On styling, Mizani’s gel provides a soft, crunch-free hold.

K18 Biomimetic Hairscience

Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask

Crown Affair

The Leave-In Conditioner

Tangle Teezer

The Naturally Curly Detangler Hairbrush


True Textures Sleek Holding Hair Gel

Chloe Malle, editor of

Hair type: Curly and thick

I swear by Swair! I can make a blow-out last a whole week using Swair in between for dry shampooing. It’s the best one I’ve used and I’ve tried a lot of dry shampoo!

Clarissa Schmidt, shopping producer

Hair type: My hair is thin and straight with a subtle wave.

Over the years, my natural waves have fallen and thinned quite quickly, so I’m left with straight hair that swings on the thin, finer end of the spectrum. I’ve put many products to the test in hopes that I achieve a fuller, thicker head, and Living Proof’s Full shampoo has never led me astray. I love the way my hair feels, smells, and looks after every shower—I receive compliments nearly every time I rush out the door! For finishing touches, I swear by my favorite ceramic brush for a quick at-home blowout, and when I need to just toss it up at the end of the day, I’m always reaching for a damage-free silk scrunchie from Intimissimi. Crease and frizz, be gone!


Professional Ceramic Round Brush


Silk Scrunchie Hair Elastic

Lilah Ramzi, senior shopping editor

Hair type: My hair is incredibly thick, wavy, pouf-prone, Middle Eastern hair.

I curl my hair with a straightener. Let me explain: I’m half Middle Eastern, Lebanese to be exact, and I inherited a thick head of unrelenting, wavy hair. I’ve been told by several stylists that there’s enough hair on my head for four people. I say this to emphasize how out of the question blow drying my hair is. Even the most beloved dryers will take half an hour—and that’s just to dry; styling is a whole other matter. I don’t own a blow dryer. What I do own is a hair straightener, the Dyson Corrale. I wash my hair at night and let my hair air dry for about 12 hours before taking the Corrale to my hair and twisting it down locks to create a shiny, frizz-free, bouncy curl. The beauty of the tool is that I only pass through my hair once, and within 25 minutes, I have a head full of luscious curls that last me until my next wash. I discovered this straightener-as-a-curler-hack in high school and will likely be doing my hair this way for the long run. Any straightener will do, but Dyson offers a battery/cordless tool that has improved the experience significantly.


Corrale Straightener

Molly Barstein, audience development associate manager

Hair type: A lot of fine hair that’s constantly being thrown into a new hairstyle. 

I’m someone who experiments with a lot of new hairstyles. From up-dos and blowouts to hot tools (I’ve been loving the Shark FlexStyle) and velcro rollers. You name it, I’ve most likely tried it. And while that is a lot of fun, it comes with its fair share of damage. To help with the breakage and dryness, I use this hair mask from Amika once a week in place of conditioner and have seen a lot of improvement in my hair. Hair masks have always been tricky since I have finer hair, but I’ve found that this one doesn’t weigh my hair down or cause it to look greasy. After using it, my hair feels so soft and shiny, and as an always-in-a-rush kind of girl, I love that you only have to keep it in for 5 minutes.


Soulfood Nourishing Hair Mask

Shark Beauty

Shark FlexStyle Hair Blow Dryer & Multi-Styler

Talia Abbas, senior shopping editor

Hair type: Thick, wavy, and dry—with a gravity-defying pouf whenever it’s humid out.

With my hair being as dry as it is, it needs all the moisture it can get! Celebrity hair stylist Mara Roszak’s line is incredible all-around, but its her Willow Glen treatment oil that won me over initially. The scent is divine, and the oil—a potent blend of botanical oils; coconut, jojoba, sunflower, Kukui, and macadamia seed—adds immediate shine while also hydrating split ends. I reach for it whenever my hair feels dull. My blow drying skills could probably use but whenever a styling tool is involved, I’ll apply the Sisley-Paris Cream 230 to protect my hair from heat damage. (I have to use the highest temperature to tame all my hair!) I also love a fancy little brush—Yves Durif’s vented one is a favorite. It’s so easy to clean and travel with.


Hair Rituel The Cream 230

Roz Hair

Willow Glen Treatment Oil

Yves Durif

Petite Vented Brush

Sarah Spellings, fashion news editor

Hair type: I have color-treated fine hair and a lot of it.

Every time I see a beauty product over $50, my skepticism alarm bells start going off. There’s no way this is really worth it, right? In the case of the purifying scalp scrub by Christophe Robin, the answer is a resounding yes. Whenever I need my hair to feel clean—like, really clean—I give it a salty scrub. My hair is left soft and buildup free. Though I have no idea if the processes are similar, it feels like I’m exfoliating my hair and scalp, sloughing away dead skin, and God knows what else, to leave only the smooth and shiny.

Christophe Robin

Purifying Scalp Scrub with Sea Salt

Christian Allaire, fashion and style writer

Hair type: My hair is thick and wavy, but with the right products, the curls come out to play.

I only started embracing my natural curls last year, so I’ve been on a real hair-care journey. This shampoo and conditioner from Pattern—that’s Tracee Ellis Ross’s brand—has been a total game-changer for me. They leave the strands feeling clean without stripping them of their natural oils (with curls, it’s all about moisture, I’ve learned).

Pattern Beauty

Hydration Shampoo

Pattern Beauty

Heavy Conditioner

Naomi Elizée, market editor

Hair type: My hair is curly, but the texture varies! In the front, my curls are much looser and softer (and much more sensitive to hair products) and in the back, it is more coarse.

My hair has been the same length since I was in high school, so I am currently trying to grow my hair out and this Mielle hair oil has worked wonders. Not to mention, it smells so good! I add a few drops to my scalp before wrapping my hair and allow it to work its magic overnight! Whenever I’m feeling lazy at night, I wrap my hair into the beloved pineapple hairstyle with a scarf of my choice. Loving the below scarf from Bien Abyé!

Mielle Organics

Rosemary Mint Scalp & Hair Strengthening Oil

Bien Abyé

Gelato Paisely Scarf

Irene Kim, production and editorial coordinator

Hair type: My hair is fine, but I have a lot of it.

Cutting my hair to bob length has been life changing. I no longer get tangles in my hair and I use less shampoo and conditioner than ever. But the only downside is that I find myself needing to style my hair a bit daily and these are the products and tools I’ve been loving to get that sleek look. If I’m in a rush and don’t have time to do the full dry and straighten routine, I’ll put some Kerastase hair oil on (perfect for fine hair like mine!) and put into a half up/ half down look with a clip from EmiJay. They’re the best hair clips I’ve found and really keep my hair in place so I don’t have any strands falling out in the front. If I do need to style my hair for a night out or special occasion, I’ll blow dry my hair with a blow dry brush and then fix up the ends with a tourmaline hair straightener which I heard is more protective for fine hair. Because I am using so much heat on my hair I do make sure I use a hair treatment once a week and an affordable option I’ve found has been from Elizavecca which you can get for less than $10 on Amazon.


Elixir Ultime Hydrating Hair Oil Serum


CER-100 collagen coating hair protein treatment


Blow Dryer Brush 2.0


Classic Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron

Taylor Lashley, socia media manager

Hair type: My hair is thick with 4B curls but I currently have a relaxer in it.

My hair journey is ever-evolving but I finally feel like I’ve gotten into a great routine. During the warmer months I go for protective styles like braids both for ease and to switch things up from my go-to, a silk press. Now that it’s gotten colder I’ve been wearing my hair straight and I can’t stop grabbing for these two products; Emijay’s Angelstick is the best for flyaways and making sure my edges look sleek and clean, and the Crown Affair’s Dry Shampoo works wonders when it’s not a wash day. Lastly, whether my hair is in braids or worn straight, I always spray Charlotte Mensah’s Manketti Oil Finishing Mist for some sheen.

Emi Jay

Angelstick Hair Smoothing Balm

Crown Affair

The Dry Shampoo

Charlotte Mensah

Manketti Oil Finishing Mist

Laia Garcia-Furtado, senior fashion news editor

Hair type: Curly with a mind of its own.

This hair oil is truly a godsend on my mostly curly, thick hair. It smells amazing and doesn’t leave your hair sticky, just like a perfectly soft texture. It’s also light enough that I can wear it every morning without my head looking like it’s an oil slick. I don’t travel without it. 

Bread Beauty Supply

Hair Oil Everyday Gloss

Laura Jackson, shopping writer

Hair type: Fine, blonde hair.

When my hair needs a little more care than usual, I always turn to Crown Affair. This scalp scrub leaves my hair feeling squeaky clean for days, and not to mention, the packaging is so luxurious.

Crown Affair The Cleansing Scalp Scrub Shampoo



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