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4 NFL preseason overreactions in Week 1

The first full week of preseason is in the books, and it’s time to overreact to what we’ve seen. That means if your team looks good, they’re going to win the Super Bowl — and if they look bad, they’re definitely going to be bad. I don’t make rules here, I just enforce them.

Well, yes, we can learn something from the preseason. It’s important to understand the depth of the team and isolate players who could be in starting roles or how new programs fit together – but that’s not as fun as drawing huge conclusions from a small amount of data, so let’s base the week on bench football!

Karen Mond should start!

Outgoing coach Mike Zimmer isn’t hiding his disdain for Karen Mond on Vikings in 2021 NFL After selecting him in the third round of the draft, he seemed destined to do more or less nothing until his contract expired.

Now, with a new head in charge, Mond got another change, and in one game, he pretty much locked up the job as a backup QB. Mond was accurate as he pushed the ball up the floor, going 9-for-14 for 109 yards and two touchdowns.

Apparently Kirk Cousins ​​is going to be the starter this year, but man…if that’s the case, Minnesota might have their future.

Kenny Pickett is the future!

Pittsburgh’s first-round rookie QB is under enormous pressure to come out to ease some of those fears, especially as Malik Willis ignited it Thursday night After a bad training camp.

The Steelers were so smart because they didn’t ask Pickett to really do anything hard — which made him shine. There isn’t a lot of throwing to get receivers to pick up YAC, and it works well because for now, he’s looking like a franchise QB. We’ll let this play out a bit more, but the future looks bright.

It was a great weekend for Pickett.

The bill was amazing!

Josh Allen has no reason to take pictures this week, and the results are clear: Buffalo is still good. Matt Barkley and Keith Keenum were both pretty mediocre — but taken as a whole, it was a great team performance, beating the Colts who were supposed to be AFC challengers.

Bills defense looks great, depth is solid, when Allen is a full-time starter and they have their differences in QB Makers when, well, yes…they’ll be great again.

The Broncos are winning the Super Bowl!

Denver looked completely in charge against the Cowboys this weekend without Russell Wilson playing. Heck, most of the starters weren’t even represented in the team’s 17-7 win. To be fair, neither does Dallas – so if you want to see that as a push, cool.

To me, the Broncos have amazing receiver depth right now. We know about Cortland Sutton, Tim Patrick (who just had knee surgery) and Jerry Jeudy, but rookie Jalen Virgil was a huge threat to the Cowboys with 3 passes for 84 yards and Brandon Johnson added for 64 yards, including a 40-yard Josh Johnson bomb.

Patrick will miss the 2022 season due to a torn ACL requiring surgery, but there are many

Meanwhile, Denver’s defense is stingy enough to hold its own. Keep an eye on this team.



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