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4-Promo video for Nin wa Sorezore Uso o Tsuku animation premieres on October 15

Kashihara Maru ‘s official TV anime website’ s (Four People Lie in their Own Way) comics released the show’s full promotional video and new visuals on Friday.

  • Chiemi Tanaka

    as Rikka

      Natsumi Murakami as Ninja Chiyo

    • Sakura Ayane as the psychic Sekine 187674
        Megumi Han as Tsubasa, a cross-dresser who registers in the name of his twin sister
    • Yū Serizawa as Tsubasa, Tsuyoshi’s twin sister

        Yuya Hirose as Hanzо̄, Chiyo’s younger brother

  • Yōji Ueda as Brian-sensei, English teacher
  • Tomoko Kaneda as Masukuma Hhouchu Ohtsuka

    as a narrator

    NACHERRY , the unit cast consisting of the main cast members Tanaka and Murakami , will play the opening theme song “Eclipse”. NACHERRY‘s single “Eclipse” will be released in October .

    Makoto Hoshino (, ) is directing animation*)Studio Flad, produced with the assistance of Studio Pierrot. Mei Shimizu (, ) Responsible for the series script. Ruriko Watanabe (, ) Characters are being designed. Tomoki Kikuya is composing.

    Mihoko Ogawa and Matsumoto Liang Hui is a prop designer. Tadashi Iwasa is the background art director. Ito Kotaro ( Utalika

    ) is a 3D director. Yuki Tozawa is a chroma key artist. Nori Masao Teramoto is the synthesis director of photography. Yanuki Keisuke is offline editor, while Good Job Tokyo

    is an online editor.

    The school comedy story tells the story of four friends at a girls’ school. At first glance, they are ordinary second-year junior high school students, but they are space pilots, ninjas without clans, girls with supernatural powers, and teenagers dressed as girls.

    Kashihara in Kodansha of April . The series was discontinued in August 2021.

      Kodansha published the second volume of the manga on April 7.

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    2021 189517



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